About Us

Created by Dr. Rod Kurthy

Rod is a dentist and dental research and development scientist. He has an educational background in mechanical engineering and is an avid cigar enthusiast.

Rod has been involved in R&D in most fields of dentistry over the past 43 years.

With his 43 years of R&D, it’s simply natural for Rod to notice problems and frustrations surrounding anything he enjoys, and to create solutions to those frustrations.

PerfecDraw was originally created for his own personal use. Soon all his cigar loving friends urged him to make it available to everyone. Rod really had no idea that his new fun venture would skyrocket as it has. With three unique, frustration solving, cigar accessories currently available, and four more currently in development and manufacturing, Perfec has become a rapidly growing cigar accessory company that will continue to find and solve frustrations of cigar smokers around the world.