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Precision Draw Adjustment Instrument & Nubber
USA Patented:
International Patent Pending
  • Winner of the Cigar Trophy Award for Best Accessory of 2018. The Cigar Trophy is considered the top international product award in the cigar industry, based solely on the voting of cigar lovers like you.
  • USA Patented & International Patent Pending PerfecDraw removes small bits of tobacco exactly where needed to correct the cause of the tight draw.
  • Creates the “perfect draw” on cigars with a tight draw; and takes an “acceptable draw”, or even “good draw”, to your own personal idea of a “perfect draw” – every cigar, every time.
  • Compact design easily fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit, and works great as a nubber.
  • Precision milled working shaft & blades constructed of non-corrosive 304 surgical stainless steel; outer casing made of heat hardened, super-light-weight aircraft/aerospace grade 6061 T-6 aluminum with a military aerospace grade 25-micron thick gloss black anodized “hard coat” for exceptional durability

Do you ever fire up a cigar and find it has the absolutely “perfect draw” for what you like? That happens, but not all that often. The draw may be “acceptable” or even “good”, but just every once in a while, it’s a draw that you just love!

Well, for the first time ever, virtually EVERY cigar you smoke can have an absolutely perfect draw for what you personally like. You can have total control, and fine-tune the draw of every cigar you smoke, regardless of how you cut or punch your cigar. Why settle for a tight, acceptable or even good draw, when you can have YOUR “perfect draw”, every cigar, every time?

The USA patented, and Internationally Patent Pending PerfecDraw has been precisely designed and machined with both tobacco cutting blades, and tobacco pulling channels. It grips onto tobacco inside the cigar to cut and pull tobacco at the same time. The blades remove small bits of tobacco to relieve the “over-packed” tobacco in the precise areas needed. The pulling channels pull the surrounding tightly packed tobacco to loosen it up, so the smoke can travel more easily through the tobacco.

The PerfecDraw has a compact design that easily fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit. The tip of the PerfecDraw is designed with a pointed, flattened spade that creates a path for the insertion of the instrument into the cigar without expanding the tobacco and cracking the wrapper.

PerfecDraw also is the perfect nubber. When twisting the PerfecDraw into the cigar nub, the blades and channels grip the tobacco securely so the nub will not rotate while smoking. And the shaft is so thin that it makes smoking the nubbed cigar easy.


Introducing the PerfecDraw:


Instructions for PerfecDraw:

Reviews (387)

Perfecdraw review Outstanding product

Written by Robert Newman on Apr 27th 2021

The perfecdraw product is outstanding & makes great work of providing an easy draw for any type cigar. I've used it multiple times already and I am completely 100% happy. Recommended to any cigar smoker

Perfect draws!

Written by Brent Dean on Apr 20th 2021

This tool paid for itself within the first two days of cigar smoking. Saved two plugged cubans without having mutilate the cigars themselves. Will recommend!

Perfect draw

Written by Frans A Langendonk on Apr 15th 2021

Opens tight cigar as advertised. Wish it was longer.

Worth it

Written by Taylor on Apr 7th 2021

Functions exactly as advertised. It feels well built and will fit a travel case perfectly. It will pay for itself quickly.

saves tight or plugged cigars!

Written by Michael on Mar 19th 2021

This is well worth the price, this has saved several cigars (ISOM) that were either bunched, or rolled, too tightly and they had little to no draw. With this tool, I saved these same cigars and, made them draw perfectly. If you save 2-3 cigars that are $10-$15 in cost, then this tool pays for itself immediately. No more loss of great cigars due to poor bunching or rolling. Thanks to the inventor, a brilliant tool that works far better than expected!

Great design

Written by alex wheeler on Mar 17th 2021

Good idea, and great design. Unfortunately made in China. Would had to have passed if I'd known. [[Response]] Hi Alex. Not sure what the alternative would be. Even Xikar has virtually all of their products manufactured in China. You'd have a very difficult time finding pretty much any cigar accessory of any brand that is not made in China. We tried for over a year to find a factory in the USA to make the PerfecDraw, and the lowest cost factory we were able to find would have resulted in the retail price needing to be more than $100 for the PerfecDraw. At $100, nobody would buy. If the PerfecDraw was to be manufactured in the USA, would you have purchased it if the price was $100 or more? We make the PerfecRepair here in the USA, because we're able to make it at our own facility.

Review for perfecdraw

Written by Prashaant Kochhar on Mar 15th 2021

Rarely one finds a product that lives upto the promise. Perfecdraw is an exception !! It dose the job Perfectly!! Or should i say PefeCly :)


Written by Frankns on Mar 11th 2021

Pretty much one can say about this tool has been said by better pens than mine. Suffice it to say, this is the ideal tool for your smoking kit. For me, paying attention, going slowing and finding the actual plug - usually near or just ahead of the band - does this trick. Best done right away, right after I clip and test the draw. I have good results, working in and fully out more than once. Tobacco bounces back a bit. I work just enough to produce a reasonable draw and avoid creating a “hot tunnel” down the middle of the stick.

Perfect draw

Written by Richard Cromwell on Feb 18th 2021

Works as advertised I anticipate saving many cigars that otherwise would have been discarded

Perfect draw

Written by Sandy Marks on Jan 13th 2021

It works great! I used it on a fully plugged cigar Drew beuitifully then I used it ona cigar that had a decent draw it made that cigar draw like premium fine cigar glad I purchased it thanks perfect draw

Best Fix for A Cigar

Written by John Cannon on Jan 6th 2021

Love the product and first heard on Cigar Obsession. This has saved me so much money of not throwing away my stogies. Thanks for all your help and happy New Year!

Outstanding product & service

Written by Bobbarnum on Dec 14th 2020

A friend recommended PerfecDraw to me 2 years ago. It is the best tool for clearing out tight draws I have ever used. After business hours last Friday night I noticed the threads had snapped of the barrel so I submitted a question through the site, to my surprise Chad responded in 30 minutes. By the end of the chat there was a new PerfecDraw being shipped out under warranty. That is standing behind your product! Thank you Chad & PerfecDraw. Bob

great rpduct

Written by don on Nov 18th 2020

I used this on my cigars that were hard to get suction or a good draw. This really helps get out some of the mess inside the filler. It is better than the standard pokers I have and have seen at some cigar lounges that resemble an ice pick. Good Product!


Written by Joshua on Oct 22nd 2020

I regret not grabbing one of these sooner, so many cigars could have been saved ! Brilliant design and a really a necessity for those who enjoy Cuban cigars but find they can be tight on the draw. A must have.


Written by MARC WEINER on Oct 10th 2020

Product works great thinking of getting a couple for christmas gifts

Perfect Draw Tool

Written by Mo on Sep 2nd 2020

Incredible tool, very easy to carry/store and will pay for itself without a doubt.


Written by Ryan Beard on Sep 1st 2020

Exceeded expectations in every way. Very well built - looks and feels like a quality instrument, the kind you're not ashamed to be using in public. Very easy to use, but incredibly effective. Has already paid for itself by rescuing a few tightly rolled Padron sticks.

perfecdraw is perfect!!

Written by Shane Marsicano on Aug 19th 2020

This is every cigar lovers saving device! Compact and easy to use, this tool is a MUST HAVE!

Perfect Draw

Written by Joe B on Aug 17th 2020

When I initially bought the Perfect Draw I thought the price was a bit steep. But I’ve now used the product on two cigars and it’s paid for itself! Works great. No more will I throw away another tight cigar!


Written by Richard A Rockwood on Aug 7th 2020

Pleasantly surprised, it actually works as advertised. It saved a cigar in the first wk. Thank you for finally designing a tool that works.

Perfecdraw is perfect

Written by Jeffrey Winton on Jul 17th 2020

simple, easy, affordable. I'm glad I saved all those plugged stogies. They all went up in smoke! Gotta get another one for the traveldor!

perfec Draw

Written by Louie on Jul 9th 2020

Excellent tool, does exactly as stated. If you are a smoker of Cuban cigars this is a must!

Already Loving my perfecdraw!

Written by AJ Clinkenbeard on Jun 30th 2020

First, I waited WAY too long to buy the PerfecDraw. What was I thinking? I don't overexert myself to save a stick - I just toss it if it is plugged. That made me a loyal smoker of five brands that feature excellent construction. But, I started a cigar blog in February of this year and realized that cigars needed a fighting chance. It's not like the roller knows if the cigar will fail to breathe. So, I invested in the PerfecDraw and salvaged two cigars in the first 10 days. It's easy to use and easy to clean. I love it! Thanks PerfecDraw!

Perfect Draw Tool

Written by Kirk on Jun 9th 2020

Finally a tool that actually does what it purports to do.

With this tool I am a cigar dentist!

Written by Alex on May 19th 2020

If a cigar is too tight I now use this excellent tool instead of 'massaging' a cigar which before sometimes had led to a cracking of its wrapper.

Perfecdraw is perfect!

Written by Michael Mastro on May 18th 2020

I used it for the first time and had to go in twice (the blockage was a little bit further in) but it worked perfectly.


Written by Ismael Sanchez on Apr 25th 2020

After a few days upon receipt of it, had to use it with a premium cigar I didn't want to discard. As described, with just to passes of the PerfecDraw, the cigar draw was excellent, and I could enjoy my Hoyo de Monterrey Serie LeHoyo from Cuba. Highly recomended and should be on your arsenal of cigar accesories if you are a avid cigar smoker.

Perfect draw

Written by Mike Kennedy on Apr 4th 2020

A must have tool! Makes stuck. unsmokeae cigars draw besutifhlly. I don't k ow how I ever did without it.


Written by Tito on Jan 14th 2020

This is a great tool and a must for every cigar lover. Now I can smoke the plugged cigars I used to discard and even control and improve the flow of other cigars which are tighter than my preference. I shall add that customer service was excellent.

Best poker I’ve used

Written by Simon on Jan 6th 2020

AmaIng product. Only thing is it needs a pen clip so it doesn’t keep Falling from my jacket pocket.

Freaking Awesome!

Written by Jack on Dec 28th 2019

Saw the perfec draw on Cigar Obsession, worked like a charm, it does what it’s advertised to do. If you smoke cigars it’s a no brainier.

Excellent Tool

Written by Gary Selkirk on Dec 10th 2019

This is a great find by my old smoking friend, We now don't risk losing very expensive Cigars due to the odd tight roll or a knot in a leaf.

What Else Can I Say

Written by Matt on Nov 21st 2019

I received my PerfecDraw (PD) earlier today, along with a bottle of PerfecRepair. After opening the PD, I did what every other red-blooded male has probably done, "just how sharp is the point and barbs?" Yep, SHARP! No blood, but certainly an attention grabber. As it was not time for my usual smoke, I decided to try it out on an Ascot. This particular brand has a very small cap. And, either a guillotine or scissor cutter yields so-so results. Of course, I have the PerfecRepair now, but I really don't want to waste it on a $2 smoke. So, I snipped off just enough cap that I thought would work with the PD. I took the PD about 2-3 barbs deep and withdrew. Well, worked like a charm!. This evening I decided to try the PD on a favorite brand of smoke, that lately has been known for being extremely tight and hard to smoke. Without divulging the brand, it has a red label, 50-ring and known as a "bully"; a favorite of mine. I punched the smoke, as I typically do with this shape, and worked in the PD. I took it just up to the last barb, then withdrew. I took a draw, which proved promising. After lighting up, all I can say is WOW!!! I can say other things, but keeping this PG rated. This tool just simply works; and works extremely well. So much so, that once I finish writing this, I will be ordering another. And, also ordering a PerfecPak as well. Do yourself a favor, and definitely get a PerfecDraw! It honestly enhances the entire cigar smoking ritual. Thanks!

Perfect tool

Written by Dave on Nov 11th 2019

Shortly after receiving my PerfecDraw I ran into a cigar that was a little tough on the draw. While lit, I worked the tool into the cigar, where I made the v cut, slowly twisting it toward the foot. I only inserted the tool about1/2 to 2/3's on the way in then withdrew it. What a difference. Instead of a marginal smoke from an otherwise great cigar, the rest of the smoke was outstanding. This tool lives up to its name. It definitely created a perfect draw!

best tool ever

Written by undefined on Nov 1st 2019

if you are a cigar smoker gentelman let me say this tool is the answer for your slolution

Pays for itself

Written by JEG on Oct 29th 2019

Makes the difference to allow a perfect draw in cigars that would be un smokable. Pays for itself!

Product name says it all!

Written by on Aug 8th 2019

Performs as advertised. Enables you to give every cigar the ideal draw. Even the ones that seem plugged can be saved. Do that a few times and it pays for itself.

No More Plugged Puffers!

Written by Kendal Franceschi on Aug 7th 2019

Works just as described and better. I never fire up a cigar now until I've used this terrific tool!

Never "settle" on your draw!

Written by Derick on Jul 29th 2019

I love this tool! I never thought of judging my draw after cutting or punching a cigar (the draw just was what it was - live with it). Not any longer with a PerfecDraw - I use it very frequently (more often than not). Terrific tool - every cigar lover needs one!

The Best Cigar tool everr!

Written by Jim on Jul 23rd 2019

This is a great tool. I have not thrown out a cigar since I bought it! So good I ordered two more! Thank You.

Best cigar tool ever!

Written by B. Hirose on Jul 23rd 2019

This is my second one since I lost the first one somewhere. This thing has saved a few cigars from going in the trash prematurely. Out work as advertised and I also use out as a nubber when I need one to finish an outstanding cigar. Can be wasting good tobacco right?

Best gift I ever got and the best one I've given!

Written by Stephanie S. on Jul 22nd 2019

The PerfecDraw was sent to me as a gift and is by far the best cigar tool I have. I take it with me and share it with other cigar enthusiasts. My dad fell in love with it as well so I paid it forward and sent one to him for his birthday. Bravo PerfecDraw!!!!

My New favorite Punch-Cutter

Written by Bd on Jul 14th 2019

So I thought I would share something about the PerfecDraw Cigar CPR-Rescue Tool, it sure makes a great Mini Cigar Punch. Been experimenting the last few months with Non-Torpedo Cap Cigars, using the PerfecDraw instead of the conventional Cigar Cutter, and the results are awesome. I am not saying to throw away your Punch, Cutter, or Guillotine Cutter, just try using the PerfecDraw as a mini punch. The results are awesome, and the cap area of the Cigar only get a tiny hole like an insect sting leaves, plus the cap area is automatically open up for better or the perfect draw. Me I an old PerfecDraw user, owned mine over 18 moths, it is a total keeper. Something that actually works as advertised, and is priced very fair. FYI

Superb product!

Written by Alfie57 on Jul 12th 2019

I really didn't think this would make much difference but boy was I WRONG! I use this on EVERY cigar and it makes a huge difference in the draw. Very well designed and helps in enjoying your smokes so much more!

saved many cigars!

Written by Steve Schoepfer on Jul 8th 2019

I have several cigars that are rolled too tight. Before PerfecDraw, I had to throw them out. Now I can smoke and enjoy them! Wish I had this tool years ago. Works very well!

A must have for any cigar lover!!!

Written by Sam on Jul 7th 2019

I took a little time before writing this review. Wanted to make sure this little device was not just a gimmick like so many other new Cigar fads. Well, after 2 months of using it, I can wholeheartedly say that it’s the best Cigar accessory ever. If you are like me and love Cuban cigars, you will know that although the stogies taste amazing, the built quality is fairly inconsistent. A good few in every box are completely plugged or fairly tight. I hated this. You look forward to smoking a cigar, relaxing and enjoying the plumes of lovely smoke, smooth draw and great taste. But a plugged cigar or a tight draw ruins my evenings. The cigars are expensive so we always persevere and after a good while either give up or take a new one. Well, all that is in the past now. The Perfect draw tool is just amazing. It can free up the most plugged cigar and also loosen up tight ones just to my liking. It’s has changed the ballgame. I have even started carrying it with me if I am heading out with a few cigars. It even came with me on holidays. Fantastic! I have absolutely no negative views on this product. If you are cigar smoker, you need this little tool.

PerfecDraw works Perfectly!

Written by Erich on Jul 3rd 2019

Awesome product. Don’t waste money on cheap knock offs. PerfecDraw performs EXACTLY as it should. The knockoffs don’t.

The Best tool ever!

Written by JR on Jul 1st 2019

The design of this tool is the best available. It works great! No more Throwing away expensive Cigars!. I've had other tools but this one tops them all, so far. We'll see how it lasts. Well worth the money.

Great Tool

Written by Tom Hastings on Jun 26th 2019

It helps to watch the Utube video to properly use the tool but it is very effective and "saves" cigars!

Works perfectly

Written by thomas corbett on Jun 24th 2019

I recently had a Cuban with multiple plugs, I was able to drive the poker all the way through the stick. Didn't break the wrapper and made an unusable cigar smokable. I'm ordering another to keep at my office.

You need this tool

Written by Miguel R on Jun 8th 2019

For years I have had to discard plugged cigars. I tried everything, but nothing would work. Several times I even tried my power drill with the forward and reverse speeds. Nothing. The trick of the perfect draw is that it removes excess tobacco, thereby creating the perfect draw

Terrific product!

Written by Bernie on Jun 3rd 2019

The draw is the perfect tool to improve your cigar. I use it on all my cigars to improve the draw through the cap which is always tight/restrictive.

It works!!!

Written by Tom on May 31st 2019

This product worked just as advertised. My cigar had virtually no draw. My reflex was to just throw it out and then I remembered the PerfecDraw that I recently purchased. All that I did was insert, twist and pull it out and the draw was near perfect. Just a couple more cigars and it will have paid for itself so don’t let the price tag scare you away. The only criticism and it is truly not a big deal, but the top cap is hollow and the tobacco shreds got stuck in it. If it were solid it wouldn’t happen. I plan on buying a couple more to give to friends. Great product.

Great product, great customer service

Written by John M on May 30th 2019

This is a great product that works. I have only used it twice so far and it has made those hard to draw cigars much more enjoyable. The customer service is even better. I placed my order on the 15th but had not received my order by the 24th. The postal service never showed receiving the package yet PD showed that it was shipped. After contacting PD about the issue they looked into it and agreed that the postal service had probably lost the package. So they put it on a fedex truck and it was here in no time. they also tossed in a bottle of the perfect repair for my troubles. Will definitely tell any cigar smoker to get a perfect draw and if they ever need the customer service they will be impressed. Also a big shout out to Rod Kurthy for making things right and going above and beyond. Not too often does one get emails from the COE/ founder of any company. Thanks so much, you now have a loyal customer for life.

Perfect Tool

Written by Morris Anderson on May 27th 2019

Excellent in every way! Makes for a perfect smoke. Quality!!

Better than I thought

Written by Bobby Mo on May 20th 2019

I saw this product on the Cigar Obsession YouTube channel. I thought it might be a gimmick but there were many people in the Cigar Obsession Facebook group that was using it. After throwing out a cigar that was so tightly rolled my throat was hurting smoking it I thought I'd give this a try. It's a little price but pays for itself.

Somebody was thinking right

Written by undefined on May 15th 2019

I have ran into more and more plugged cigars lately, and have ruined the vast majority of them after impaling them with a vegetable skewer trying to get them to draw. I never knew when a given cigar would draw OK nor not. and started bringing a back up or 2 just in case I had to throw one away. I ran across the Perfecdraw online and decided to give it a try. It works, follow the directions shown in the video and enjoy that stick that might have otherwise have to been tossed out.


Written by Rakesh G. on May 14th 2019

This is a great product and I do not wish to write a bad review. I ordered three perfecdraw however one of them had a bent front tip and I had to throw it away. regrettable. [RESPONSE FROM PERFEC CIGAR SOLUTIONS]: Hi Rakesh. First let me apologize for this problem. Our quality control program is very diligent, and done under magnification. Somehow something obviously slipped through the cracks. We will contact you right away to get this taken care of for you. Thanks.]

Works Beautifully!

Written by Chris S. on May 9th 2019

I watched the videos before I decided to purchase the PerfecDraw tool. It works exactly as described. In the first week I had the tool, I used it on three cigars. So it has already paid for itself. It is a “must have” accessory for anyone who smokes even a modest quantity of cigars.


Written by Rich on May 7th 2019

A necessary tool for the cigar smoker. Pricey, but so are cigars. Just get one...

Enthusiasts necessity

Written by damian on May 4th 2019

Wish I'd bought one sooner. The tool is small and lightweight, but used carefully it should solve all your tight draw issues. Precise and effective.


Written by Wade Lloyd on Apr 29th 2019

Works great.. Everyone should have one.

The name says it all!

Written by Aurel Guillemette on Apr 23rd 2019

In a matter of a few days, I used it many times, each time it made it easier to draw on a few cigars. Fixing a draw problem on 5-6 cigars and the purchase pays for itself. This tool is a necessity for all regular cigar smoker.

Great tool

Written by on Apr 22nd 2019

Great little tool to help with tight cigars. Very sharp and easy to use. Highly recommended for any cigar connoisseur.

This is the best tool ever.

Written by on Apr 17th 2019

This is like a magician’s wand. It solves any problem I might have had with cigars.


Written by Craig Silver on Apr 15th 2019

The PerfeDraw works exactly as advertised. It doesn't just poke a hole in the cigar, it pulls out a little leaf and loosens the draw. It also works fine as a Nub holder

Wish I owned this years earlier!

Written by Michael on Apr 14th 2019

These started providing value immediately! I had a 5 pack of very nice cigars that I could not smoke; they would not stay lit and produced very little smoke. One simple 'treatment' with the PerfecDraw created a cigar I loved down to the nub.

Absolutely Fantastic

Written by David on Apr 12th 2019


fantastic cigar rescue tool

Written by Richard on Apr 9th 2019

It's a thrill to salvage expensive cigars that had too tight a draw and otherwise were unsmokable. Had some Cubans that otherwise couldn't be smoked and other tools damaged the cigars. Every cigar aficionado needs this PerfecDraw at the ready. A magic wand!


Written by David Mahan on Apr 5th 2019

If you are cigar smoker and don't own this tool you are missing out. One of the best cigar tools to own ever!!

Great Product

Written by James on Apr 2nd 2019

Got my Perfect Draw several weeks ago and it works just great. I tried several of the cheaper ones from other people and they just didn't do the job.


Written by Sark on Mar 30th 2019

The name says it all

Great invention

Written by undefined on Mar 25th 2019

This works exactly as its intended. I have recommended it to all my friends. I would also recommend watching the video to insure correct use.

It's great as long as you understand it's limitations

Written by Peter Anderson on Mar 25th 2019

The product itself is high quality, well worth purchasing, and works as intended. However, It will not return a totally plugged cigar to normal. It works best when there is some draw already. When there is very little or no draw the cigar will never burn well because it is too packed. Reaming a hole in solid over packed tobacco only gave me acrid smoke due to bad burn which nothing can really fix.

Go-to accessory all the time

Written by Joseph on Mar 18th 2019

Great item to have in your pocket for smoking. Even if you don't use it get a better draw, its great for a poker. Best investment in a accessory.

Best accessory ever!

Written by MAG on Mar 18th 2019

Got the original when it first came out and was really impressed. Then I found out about the improved design, and since I needed another one anyway I ordered it. Works even better (I didn’t think that was possible), and was less expensive too. Be sure to watch the videos on the website to learn how to correctly use it. Great nub tool too.

Made cigars come alive!

Written by Ken on Mar 17th 2019

This tool is much needed. It’s brought alive cigars I thought were horrible turns out it was just cause I couldn’t taste them due to horrific draw. Thanks so much for this product. I actually had my father buy one as well.

Well worth the money

Written by Lare on Mar 15th 2019

Regardless how much you spend on cigars, occasionally you'll run into one with a tight area that affects the draw. I'm not sure how you could make a better draw tool than this. It works perfectly to open up tight cigars so that they can be enjoyed instead of discarding them. In my opinion, buying the PerfecDraw was money well spent.

Every cigar smoker should have one of these!

Written by Bruce S. on Mar 11th 2019

I wish I would have had the PerfecDraw tool years ago. It does what it is supposed to do and makes every cigar smokeable.


Written by undefined on Mar 8th 2019


much more than i bargained for

Written by Erik Rosa on Mar 5th 2019

i bought the perfect draw to fix plugged cigars. but OMG – a couple months ago i figured out that i can make even decent draw cigars into what i think is a perfect draw for me. every once in a while i used to light up a cigar and instantly say “this is a GREAT draw”. and i always enjoyed those cigars more than usual. but two months ago i started using the perfect draw on almost all sticks i smoke so that every one of them now has a “perfect” draw. i’m enjoying my cigars much more than i used to. so i figured i should come back here and leave a review.

Best poker ever

Written by Beau on Mar 5th 2019

I’ve used a few different pokers and this is far far better. It keeps to cigar open

Works every time

Written by Mike Laucks on Mar 5th 2019

Great product have used it a few times, most recently it came to the rescue a small vein in middle of cigar cut, slipped the tool in & it was promptly removed cleaned the draw right up. Friends were impressed on the design & how well it worked. Great item to have handy. Don't hesitate buy one today.

Good Product!

Written by Matt on Feb 25th 2019

While the tool does not work on every cigar (some are plugged too tight and would require a complete rebuild to smoke properly), it works great on the vast majority of sticks. Certainly a worthwhile purchase that would highly recommend.

You Have to remove Tobacco

Written by Modris Reinbergs on Feb 25th 2019

This is the Only cigar draw tool that I know of that removes tobacco. It is essential to do that to have a good draw. I have had cigars that are so plugged that the regular poke tools could not prevail. In such cases I used a 1/16" wood drill which also removes tobacco. This is better. For the really tough jobs I wish they would also sell a second tool with blades about twice the size.

Great tool

Written by undefined on Feb 25th 2019

This is a great tool to have, while smoking cigars.

The best.

Written by David on Feb 4th 2019

This is the best!!

Works every time!

Written by undefined on Dec 27th 2018

Love it so much I've purchase several for friends.

A must have aficionado accessory!

Written by Kevin on Nov 19th 2018

As the name implies, it's perfect! Higher end, hand rolled cigars can be a little tight with a firm draw at times. This tool enables any cigar to generate a lot of smoke and flavor; key attributes to enjoying any fine cigar.

Just an Awesome Product

Written by undefined on Oct 24th 2018

I used to use toothpicks to unplug and nub my sticks. Then I read about PerfecDraw on Friends of Habanos website. I knew I needed one and ordered it. It is used as a nubber for all my cigars and helps unplug the tent poles so that they are smokeable. I will never be without my PerfecDraw when I smoke my cigars.

Congratulations for your Winning Cigar Assessory of the Year

Written by Bruced on Oct 8th 2018

Not a surprise to me it was a no brainier, the competition was out of the race before the starters gate was opened. PerfecDraw is something new, it excites me, it works as advertised, it not another poker, it a smoking pleasure enhancer. It fixes Draw problems, it fixes plugged Cigars, it find and improves Draw in over packed tight sticks. This is something ever serious Cigar smoker need, after you use it once or twice your going to order another one, something you can't leave home without.

It works!

Written by Bob Dibble on Oct 3rd 2018

I've tried a number of cigar "draw tools" over the years, and they all suffer from the same problem: they open a channel in the cigar body, but it quickly closes when the tobacco swells in the heat and moisture! Not with PerfecDraw! It creates a channel, but removes some tobacco when withdrawn, so that the channel remains open to allow more smoke to pass through.

Never leave home without it!

Written by Shawn on Oct 2nd 2018

This is the greatest accessory to come out for cigars since the lighter. I liked my original perfecdraw so much, I bought 2 more. One to give away is a gift and one to keep as a backup.

Worth Every Penny!

Written by Ed K. Corrigan III on Sep 21st 2018

As they say "you get what you pay for". I initially invested in a less expensive and quality draw enhancer tool. It did not work out.... simply enhanced the plug in some/most of the cigars. The PerfecDraw is an excellent high quality crafted tool that does what it says it will do. I was not educated in how to better the draw on some "plugged" cigars so I watched the online videos which were extremely helpful. Now that I have the knowledge and hang of how to use the tool I will rarely have to throw out a cigar (some you just can't save). THANKS! PS Don't get carried away with too many passes, I learned the hard way. The cigar will not be the same.

Works As Advertised

Written by on Sep 18th 2018

The Perfecdraw is a great tool. I ordered it a couple of weeks ago and I’ve already used it twice. It saved my smokes. On one cigar, a single pass opened the draw up enough. Another cigar required a few passes but drew well afterward. The tool pays for itself in saved cigars.


Written by Andy on Sep 16th 2018

A through and through quality product. Works as described.

Works like a charm

Written by MICHAEL on Sep 13th 2018

Excellent little device! Easy to use and it has saved a few cigars that would have been otherwise unsmokeable. Worth the money, i will most likely order another for my travel humidor, and to show to my smoking buddies.

It's Perfect.

Written by Ernesto Co;;osi on Sep 12th 2018

Great gift. It work.

Perfecdraw is a must for every cigar smoker.

Written by on Sep 10th 2018

Perfecdraw is a necessity to your collection.

Best product to add to a cigar collection

Written by Braden on Sep 10th 2018

This is the best purchase I have made for my cigar collection. It is so easy to get the perfect draw on a cigar now that I can’t imagine smoking another one without having this handy.

I have two now

Written by CHUCK on Sep 5th 2018

Great device. Has improved my pleasure of the cigars and I use it often


Written by undefined on Sep 5th 2018

Something without cigar lovers are simply not complete...


Written by undefined on Sep 4th 2018

Bought a box of cigars that were super tight. Decided to buy the perfect drawer, it is awesome. Quality is amazing and works just as described!!! You will not be disappointed in this product!! Rarely I do reviews

Great Customer Service

Written by undefined on Sep 3rd 2018

I ordered a PerfecDraw through the company’s website. There was an issue with the shipment not arriving and it appears it was an issue with USPS and not the company. When I contacted th company they immediately shipped another PerfecDraw which arrived quickly. Excellent customer service and an excellent product!!

great tool, works wonders on plugged and just slow cigars.

Written by gordy on Aug 30th 2018

I ordered this on friday after work and had it monday in the mail. I used it right away on a plugged cigar, wow it did a great job. I have used it on a few tight sticks and it is wonderful. Great for nubbing also. I recommend the perfecDraw for anyone who smokes cigars as a must have.


Written by Roger on Aug 30th 2018

Great tool to enjoy what you deserve!

You wish you had this long ago

Written by Leng teck chiang on Aug 29th 2018

It's a mood saver. No more agony. Best invention ever.

A cigar reamer that works!!

Written by undefined on Aug 24th 2018

Awesome cigar reamer. It really works!! Highly recommend!! Thank you!!

Only missing one thing

Written by undefined on Aug 23rd 2018

The perfecdraw actually works. There are others out there but they only punch a hole that closes back up when you remove the tool. It needs a small punch in the cap to make it truly perfect. I use it on just about every cigar just to make the draw perfect.

Ready for the tight cigar!

Written by Michael on Aug 23rd 2018

Every once in a while there is that cigar that draws hard, now I am ready and won't have to throw it out.

Finally a fix for a poor drawing cigar

Written by on Aug 23rd 2018

Excellent tool for fixing a hard draw on a cigar. No more tossed aside cigars because of draw issues .

Great Tool

Written by TMundhenk on Aug 21st 2018

I dont come across too many tight draw cigars, but when I do, this tool works great for me. I'm glad that I purchased this handy tool

May be the only draw tool I ever buy

Written by Brett Luna on Aug 21st 2018

Let me get one glitch out of the way up front: the small 'clean out' cap on my tool wasn't properly threaded and would constantly loosen itself. Rod responded to my e-mail within an hour and he made it right. He promised to send me a new sleeve and cap...and he over-delivered. I got a whole new tool. It's hard to beat that kind of stand-behind-it customer service. I'm a woodworker and a fly tyer, so I appreciate fine tools. That hiccup with the cap aside, this is indeed a fine tool—very well made and quite effective. The crisp, sharp machine work on the business end of the tool is especially nice. I don't imagine I'll be buying a replacement any time soon.

"The Cigar Saver"!

Written by Wally Fish on Aug 21st 2018

Bought this on a Recommendation from the Katman. It has made numerous sticks, that were literally unsmokeable, into examples of how a perfect draw should be. Actually had 2 sticks that could not be fixed, despite multiple passes of the PerfecDraw. I would note that nothing short of a 14" cement bit could have fixed these. Thank you for your brilliant invention!!


Written by Carl on Aug 16th 2018

High quality devise. Works well to improve the draw on a cigar. This is a must have for the regular or occasional cigar smoker. Take the few minutes to watch the tutorial video. Has some excellent ideas on the use of the devise.

What I hoped for

Written by on Aug 16th 2018

After talking with the owner, I had high expectations. I love it. Most of the time my draw is ok, because I work hard to care for my cigars. However there are times were I need help and this does what it says it will do. Simple but effective tool, that I will not be without. YOU GOT TO TRY IT

Recommend for any cigar smoker

Written by undefined on Aug 10th 2018

Awesome product and great customer service when i had a shipping issue occur when I ordered!

Works surprisingly well

Written by undefined on Aug 10th 2018

Was skeptical about the product, but after looking at closeups and a review of it in action, I ordered one. The tool is exceptionally sharp. You can feel when it hits a blockage in the cigar, and the sharp cutting edges with a bit of turning and pulling can quickly get rid of the issue. Well worth it. Especially if where you live a quality cigar starts at $20. Fast shipping, even to Canada.

A must-have

Written by jP on Aug 9th 2018

I wasn't sure as to how much I would use this product, but the last three cigars that I smoked needed the PD's magic touch. Perfect solution for a perfect draw.

Great product!

Written by dave on Aug 8th 2018

I hate tight draws on cigars and all too often throw away half-finished expensive cigars. Typical cigar draw poker things just pack the tobacco tighter and never really help. PerfecDraw removes the offending tobacco/plug and you really can get a perfect draw with any cigar. If not perfect, at least it makes the cigar smoke-worthy even for someone picky like me.

Works great

Written by undefined on Aug 7th 2018

The barbs at the end are exactly what was needed to open a true channel for the perfect draw!


Written by undefined on Aug 7th 2018

Couldn't be more satisfied. I am an occasional cigar smoker and nothing is more disappointing then clipping and realizing you've got a thick malt with a coffee straw to use. I now keep this tool handy and tweak every stick before I light it.

Well built, useful tool

Written by Beau Bradshaw on Aug 6th 2018

When handling the tool, you can tell that quality materials were used in crafting the tool and it is sure to not easily break or fall apart. I love the way it doesn't simply push and expand to make a hole, which can cause splitting in the wrapper, but rather pulls out excess tobacco entirely create a path. I find myself using the tool on all cigars, not only ones with plugs.

Must have!!!

Written by Chuck Gough on Aug 1st 2018

Where has this been all my life?! Love it, love it, love it! I can't imagine all the cigars I've smoked that this would have made more enjoyable.

Best cigar accessory

Written by Richard on Jul 26th 2018

Didn't know what to expect when purchasing this, but was very impressed with how this lived up to it's name and gave perfect draw to my cigar. Will definitely be recommending this to my other cigar smoking friends.

Yep, I had been using straightened paper clips

Written by Safetyman on Jul 25th 2018

The best $25 investment I’ve ever made to salvage a cigar with a poor draw. And high dollar Cubans seem to be the biggest offenders. I have one for home us, now need to purchase one for travel. Just buy one, and stop using straightened paper clips.

Impressive Performance

Written by Dan on Jul 25th 2018

A couple of weeks after purchasing Perfect Draw, I came across a stick wich was completely clogged - it was from a renowned brand - and made fell as I was sucking on a brick. After using PD I was able to taste that cigar properly. I can’t say PD repair a bad rolled cigar, but definitely makes it smokable.

Draw Problems Solved

Written by A.S. on Jul 23rd 2018

I have been using my PerfecDraw for a year and I don't worry anymore whether my cigar has a tight or snug draw or no. When one has a plugged pipe at home, one calls a Roto-rooter to unplug it. With a tight draw cigar, one uses the PerfecDraw to restore the draw to normal or open. It works every time, all the time. It is manufactured in the U.S.A. and performs amazingly. I keep one on me, one at home and one in my office. I sincerely encourage every cigar smoker to own one.

Great tool

Written by John S. on Jul 23rd 2018

Nice design, cuts through gently to loosen the tobacco and opens up tight draws . Additionally, doubles as a nubber just slowly insert and twist to enjoy every last bit of your favorite cigar. I didn’t realize how useful this is until I purchased one . Awesome tool

Tight draw.. No more

Written by Shawn on Jul 23rd 2018

Ever had a cigar that just wasn't giving the smoke output you want... This is the cure.. Try about an inch in the cigar... Pull it out.. Puff it.. If it isn't fixed.. Go deeper.. Until you get the desired results... Great way to save a cigar that normally would get tossed out

True Cigar saver!

Written by @CigarsAndLife on Jul 23rd 2018

I havent had the Perfec Draw for more than two weeks now, but surely i can already say that its like nothing else. It has already saved few cigars with poor draw, and im sure that it will continue saving my cigars, and by that saving me money since i dont have to throw them away. Superb, i truly recomend you get yours too!


Written by undefined on Jul 20th 2018

only negative is be sure you are lined up straight.

Cigar Savior

Written by undefined on Jul 19th 2018

For years I've been looking for and trying (some homemade) pokers to help with tight or plugged cigars. I've finally found it. The PerfecDraw

Worth $50

Written by michael phelps on Jul 17th 2018

Purchased my PD here on this website last year. As I hate a snug draw on a cigar, this precision tool has saved me a minimal of $100 on cigars I would have tossed. I used to try nails or screws even drill bits with no success. Buy this now!

Perfect Draw Always!

Written by Michael Kupsch on Jul 17th 2018

Recently received my Perfect Draw tool and have used is regularly to insure a perfect draw each and every time,


Written by Rick Ulrich on Jul 16th 2018

I cant live without it now. It works I am not kidding it really is incredible.

a must have

Written by George on Jul 14th 2018

super fast delivery great must have product every cigar smoker should have easy to use and effective great quality great design

Better than ever...

Written by Guido DiPilla on Jul 11th 2018

This is my 2nd PerfecDraw, having sadly lost my 1st one which I also reviewed positively on this site. Now version 2 is even better with its hexagonal head, makes using even more stable.... Great product at a great price...

A cigar saver

Written by Mikael Herva on Jul 9th 2018

Just what i was looking for. It has saved a couple cigars already for me

Value for money

Written by Kay (CSUK) on Jul 5th 2018

The device is a small price to pay is Fokine cigar smokers we know that every now and again we come across a plug cigar so when you consider the average price of a Cuban cigar is X it’s a small price to pay for something that’s going to stay with you for the rest of your life. I have two of them one was a custom design and the other one fits in my iPad Pro case which has a pouch for a pencil in the two years I have had it I’ve used it probably four times. Half of my cigar club based in the UK England have them so happy days.


Written by Robert on Jun 27th 2018

Did not know what I was missing until I used your product. What an ingenious product! Well Done!

Simply the Best

Written by Bearman on Jun 22nd 2018

This saved me money the first time that I used it to unplug a cigar. Using it in "Hobo Mode" by piercing the cigar butt has lengthened my enjoyment of certain favored cigars. Tops in my book. A must have cigar accoutrement.

Stogie Saver !

Written by undefined on Jun 21st 2018

I can't tell you how many sticks I have "rescued" with this product. Cigars that were Totally Plugged have been saved with this product. I liked it so much, that I bought a few more of them for friends who are rabid cigar smokers. I only hope they get as much benefit out of the PerfecDraw that I have. (Did I mention that the price is right too !)

It does everything they say it does

Written by Tom on Jun 21st 2018

Watch the video and learn. I've been keeping an extra humidor that I have filled with about a dozen plugged (and expensive) smokes the past 2 years. I used the tool and was able to unplug all of them. Some took more effort than others but in the end they all now draw very nice. I am so glad I did not toss them out. Totally worth it

If you smoke you MUST have this

Written by Jeff on Jun 20th 2018

More than already paid for itself saving multiple cigars for me. Way too many cigars on the market rolled improperly. Maybe Cubans are the worst of all. Already way too expensive for the huge quality drop they have had over the years but nothing worse than plopping down significant cash only to be plugged initially or, worse yet, half way through. Best nubber too, feel a little like and old school hobo smoking with the tool like a toothpick but screw you, I'm nubbing it! Thanks for the quality product. Indestructible but thinking of buying a back up anyway.


Written by Randy on Jun 16th 2018

Works great!!! use it for every cigar that gets down to a nub so I can enjoy every bit of the flavor!! best cigar accessory i have ever purchased!!


Written by Charles on Jun 14th 2018

After having to throw $90.00 worth of "clogged" cigars out, this is a Godsend.

Works like a charm

Written by Jim Tarchis on Jun 14th 2018

Already used the PerfecDraw on two cigars. One more use and it will have paid for itself. Great product

PerfecDraw is Perfect

Written by undefined on Jun 12th 2018

This product works. I used this on a Torpedo cigar, which can be a little hard on the draw sometimes, and it worked exactly as it was advertised to do. This only needs to save two or three cigars and it pays for itself. Could not be happier :)

effective tool

Written by undefined on Jun 11th 2018

Well disigned and well made. Does the job well but not long enough for the 8.5" cigars I smoke if the center is tight but thats my only issue...glad I have it.


Written by undefined on Jun 8th 2018

Great product. Works as advertised


Written by David on Jun 7th 2018

WOW - great little tool and I had no idea what I was missing. I recommend to all cigar enthusiasts. Going to make foir great gift giving! Thank you.

invaluable tool

Written by Mike LeRoy on Jun 7th 2018

This is the second one I have ordered. Absolutely invaluable. I have saved countless cigars with this tool.


Written by Steve Sullivan on Jun 6th 2018

The perfect draw, indeed! I’m smoking a Partagas Mille Fleur and it’s like different cigar using this tool, a much easier smoke and a smoother smoke too. Bite the bullet and get one, you’ll never look back!

Great tool, great construction!

Written by Marx on Jun 5th 2018

This tools helps you draw a tight cigar, so it saves money. specially if you are a cuban cigar smoker and thin gauge cigars (30+ to 42). Its made of metal all around making it durable and good looking. This is a no brainier.

Perfect Product

Written by Gregg N. on Jun 5th 2018

The PerfectDraw is very effective in creating a lasting draw/draught hole near the cigar head (within 1-inch). A thoughtfully designed product that does work. Do watch the manufacturer's video for proper use. And yes, sometimes there will cigars that are a total loss because they were improperly rolled, and they will have to be thrown away. Cutting a hole through the entire length of the cigar can be done but then you draw only air through the channel and the cigar will not burn--been there, done that. Great product!

Dream product

Written by Idgy on May 31st 2018

Finally, I have a meticulously designed and manufactured tool that enables my overfilled - and sometimes over humidified - cigars to be smoked with a proper draw. In particular, Cohiba Siglo IVs have often had to be tossed or sucked with unpleasant force; now I simply cut away the excess tobacco that plugs the draw and the cigars smoke as their roller intended. This is truly a marvellous product that deserves to be a commercial success and I thoroughly commend it to all cigar smokers.


Written by Allen Sirken on May 29th 2018

A must have for all serious cigar smokers. Wish I had purchased years ago.

Do what he have to do...

Written by Paladium on May 28th 2018

... make holes where it takes one...

just get one or two

Written by J L on May 21st 2018

Simple, works well, well made, fits my engineering mentality. Had to buy one to try before buying more for friends. Pays for itself after using on two plugged cigars. No brainer.

2-in-1 PerfecTion

Written by Domenico M. on May 16th 2018

Honestly, I totally get why people are talking about this tool. Not only does is easily and delicately remove tobacco from a plugged or overpacked cigar, but it also works as a perfect nubbing tool. It's so slim that I can keep it in my pocket and barely notice it. Construction and durability are top notch. Highly recommended!

Was skeptical at first

Written by Jodi on May 15th 2018

After lengthy thought, I finally decided to anti up and purchase. Glad I did, as it really does work. This saves most cigars with no damage.


Written by Loup on May 14th 2018

I tried several different product this is outstanding

Not your daddy’s poker

Written by Bear Garcia on May 14th 2018

This is a fantastic product! I bought myself one and one for my BOTL(brother of the leaf). I’d like to see the bottom enclosed, a longer one for Churchill smokes and a way to clean the blades safely when the tobacco is moist and sticks. It’s sleek, useful and has improved my smoking experience!

Fantastic product

Written by Brian M on May 14th 2018

Everyone needs one of these. I find im using it far more often than i thought i would. Ive only had it for like a month and its already saved 2 cigars and basically paid for itself.

Never Toss Another Cigar

Written by Steve Norlin on May 10th 2018

I threw cigars away because of the poor draw, knowing that a poor draw ruins the smoking pleasure. I never have to throw another cigar away, knowing that I can fix it with the PerfecDraw.


Written by rick on May 9th 2018

This tool is appropriately named ... it creates the perfect draw. I couldn't be happier with the tool or the service. Thanks!

Great product

Written by on May 6th 2018

This is such an awesome product. Works great. I use it all the time and even bought all my fellow smokers one. They also have great customer service.


Written by zihoor on May 2nd 2018

works like a charm

Truly perfect

Written by Christopher fields on Apr 29th 2018

This product is a winner. It really does work . Besides the fact that it makes for a nice draw, it also seems to be a cooler burn, no more hot nubs. I'm a fan.


Written by Jeff on Apr 26th 2018

I have a decent poker system for a super tight cigar but often times that is overkill and they often don't feed straight so you can crack the wrapper. Most cigars these days suffer from a too tight roll, the finesse of cigar making has been lost in many companies and including (maybe most of all) Cubans. Only used this a couple of times now but I can see it's perfect at the very least for the already smoking cigar that gets "wet" and develops a harder draw. Just a time or two with this tool and you are back in business. I suppose it could work as a full poker if you did it from both ends but probably not long enough for all cigars going through the cap end. Haven't tried it for a full poke but I plan on it. Seems like it might be overkill removing the tobacco all together but who knows. Well made and packaged and not over engineered, just does the job.

Best Draw Tool Out There

Written by Jamin on Apr 12th 2018

I've used this a few times now and it works great. First time I tried it, I didn't think much of it. But then I read the instructions :) Turning it as your withdrawing the tool....very important. Pays for itself after one use!

It works!

Written by Larry Silba on Apr 12th 2018

I bought a box of cohiba puros and tossed 3 of the first 5 due to horrible draws. I figured this gadget would pay for itself and it has!

Works great

Written by undefined on Apr 10th 2018

If you enjoys cigars this is a must have tool. I've had the PerfecDraw for a week and have already "rescued" several cigars that wouldn't have been enjoyable due to a tight draw. You simply don't know how helpful this tool is until you try it.


Written by Ernie Ackley on Apr 5th 2018

Love the Perfect Draw. Works exactly as described. Help create a free draw on tight draw cigars so you can fully enjoy them.

Awesome Sauce!!!

Written by undefined on Apr 4th 2018

Great accessory to have in your cigar "toolbox!"


Written by Larry B on Apr 3rd 2018

I used this on the first cigar after it was received. The draw was very tight but, after I used Perfecdraw it was a “perfect draw. It works as advertised!

Awesome customer service

Written by Rick on Mar 30th 2018

Awesome customer service and almost immediate delivery.

The Cigar Savior is Here

Written by Ed Croson on Mar 27th 2018

The PerfecDraw is the cigar savior! I bought one for my son's birthday last August and it immediately saved several cigars that would have been unsmokable due to too tight of a draw because of monster stems in the cigars. I bought one for myself a couple weeks ago. I've already used it a couple times to take cigars that had a very snug draw to open them up to a perfect draw. You'll get more flavor and more smoking enjoyment for years to come with this little gem. I appreciate the little tweaks they've made to it since last summer with the six-sided end you hold while using it, and the very fine ribbing along the main shaft to add additional grip on longer insertions (get your mind out of the gutter!). Take a close look at the barbed section of the business end. You'll see a design that shows they've gone way beyond a plain cigar awl to a tool that actually clears a channel to improve the draw, letting more smoke and flavor through. This product is a must have for any serious cigar enthusiast. So whether you're thinking of buying it for yourself or that special smoker in your life, you can be confident that it is well worth the money and will more than pay for itself in cigars saved and in cigars enjoyed to a level they wouldn't have been otherwise.

Best Cigar accessory investment I have ever made

Written by Matt Hall on Mar 26th 2018

I am not typically one to write product reviews, however when something is this exceptional I feel I have to take the time to review. I have an extensive cigar collection from all over the world including genuine Cuban Cigars I personally brought back from the island. Nothing is more disappointing than sitting down to smoke a fine cigar and having it be tight. Especially when it is not one you can just pick up at the local shop. The Perfect Draw is an indispenciple tool to have. I recently brought two boxes of COHIBA ESPLENDIDOS back from Cuba. One box was perfect, the other was very tight, nearly every stick. The Perfect Draw saved the day, it is worth every penny!

Already paid for itself

Written by AM on Mar 26th 2018

I've always liked cigars with a nice easy draw. This tool makes it so I can basically tailor the cigar's draw to my liking. I've used it on over half of the cigars I've smoked since I bought the tool last month. It's well worth the money.

Open up sucker!!!

Written by Mo on Mar 25th 2018

Wasn't trusting this at first. when i first received, it was beautifully pakckaged. looked very quality, solid. Super sharp, so didn't know what to expect. After first use, it already paid for it self. I woulda had to toss this really nice stick out. After a v cut, it seemed alil tight, perfecdraw went in about an inch seemed much better. Lit her up, 5 mins in, it was plugged again. Perfecdraw went it about half way up the lit cigar, pulled it out, and wow, a cloud of smoke. Highly recommended.


Written by Bruno on Mar 23rd 2018

Great product really does what promises. Tried already several times on my Por Larrañaga panetelas, Montecristo Especial, Cohiba Lancero all famous for inconsistencies.

Great accessory

Written by John on Mar 22nd 2018

Grabbed 2 of these for those "just in case" moments. Used it recently and worked extremely well. Very satisfied with the product, well done.

Love the new changes

Written by Vinny J. on Mar 22nd 2018

Just got another PerfecDraw and see some improvements have been made. The original version was da bomb. But it works even better now. I love the new handle shape. Very easy to grasp. And it seems to be even more effective, which I would not have thought possible. I love it when companies continue making their products better and better. I"m never without my PerfecDraw - this new one will stay in my glove box to use whenever I need it. Kudos!

High quality product

Written by on Mar 22nd 2018

I purchased the perfect draw and had to use it recently. The feel of the product is solid, the way it works is perfect! I would recommend this product to every cigar smoker.

Excellent Tool!

Written by undefined on Mar 20th 2018

This tool has quickly paid for itself. It works great for cigars that are slightly plugged or too tight of draw. I've salvaged quite a few cigars with this tool, and turned them into near perfect drawing cigars.

Best tool to repair a tight draw

Written by Brian Penrose on Mar 20th 2018

This is the best tool to repair a tight draw out there. Great product

Stellar Product (Like Older Version Better)

Written by undefined on Mar 19th 2018

Great product. Easy to use and well worth the price. The only criticism I have - the older version had a pen type clip on it which attached to my cigar case nicely. The newer version does not have that clip. The minor change does not affect the performance at all - I would still buy again and again (even if now I lose it since the clip is gone).

Does The Job!!

Written by Steve Cardana on Mar 19th 2018

I have been smoking cigars for about 28 years and shame on me, I just found this product online a few weeks ago. Bought it and used it last week for the first time. Watch the instructional video and your be a pro at using the tool the very first time you use it. It makes for a more enjoyable cigar smoking experience.Two thumbs up on a well built, useful product.


Written by Charlie on Mar 16th 2018

Works great. As advertised.

Save Cigars

Written by Bill Ringo on Mar 16th 2018

Until now I would toss half smoked stogies. Now I smoke 'em to the nub! Great utiliy for all cigar folks. Bought them for my friends as presents.

This Thing is AMAZING!

Written by Ed on Mar 16th 2018

A friend let me try his, I had to get one of my own. I love it.

Best Draw Tool Available!

Written by Greg Hill on Mar 15th 2018

Works perfectly! Easily removes a small amount of tobacco with each pass of the tool through the cigar until the draw is perfect.

It Works

Written by Eric Weber on Mar 13th 2018

Works better than I thought it would.

It works

Written by Randy L Calton on Mar 12th 2018

Already saved 2 Habanos , good product

Excellent product!!

Written by Matt on Mar 10th 2018

Works great, much better than the drill bit I was trying to use. Price is reasonable and delivery was quick.

Not a draw poker just better

Written by Jeff on Mar 10th 2018

If used properly you can fix any draw issue in a cigar.worth the money.

It works!

Written by J.B. on Mar 8th 2018

I don't come across to many cigars with a difficult draw. When I do, the perfect draw works very well without ruining the cigar.

Finally a fix that works

Written by KId krats on Mar 8th 2018

The first time I used the PerfectDraw I was impressed by its performance. After years of fighting overtightly rolled cigars I now have a solution that really works. In the past I've used ice-picks -- music wire -- welding rod and other devices to attempt the opening of a "plugged" cigar but nothing really worked well. PerfectDraw does the job and makes smoking all cigars a pleasure again -- they not only draw well , they burn more evenly. Though expensive, this device is worth the investment for a lifetime of good-smokes.

Works as advertised

Written by undefined on Mar 7th 2018

Love that it works and has improved my cigars as needed. A must for the serious cigar smoker.

Does exactly what it says it does

Written by on Mar 3rd 2018

Awesome! Perfectly designed, high quality and it works!

Excellent Product

Written by Jay Allison on Feb 28th 2018

Excellent, useful product. Will save you many cigars which otherwise may have been thrown out or discarded. The savings from wasted cigars pays for the PerfecDraw.

The Perfect Draw is a must have tool for every serious Cigar smoker.

Written by Bruce d - Lizard Acres, Arizona U.S.A. on Feb 26th 2018

If you don’t have the perfect Draw Cigar - C.P.R. Tool you not enjoying every Cigar, probably throwing away perfectly good Cigars, and money. This little invention will save over packed & tight Cigars, and increase your smoking enjoyment. It will pay for itself in no time. Something apparently invented by a Cigar lover that works as advertised.

Love the new design

Written by Stu on Feb 23rd 2018

I had one before but was stolen with my herfador. Had to buy a new one. Love the angular top. Easier to grip!

It works very well!

Written by Mark on Feb 23rd 2018

In the past I had tried a small drill bit to unplug cigars with a tough draw but it never seemed to produce the results needed. Since I have purchased the Perfecdraw, I have saved at least 4 cigars which translates into 8 hours of frustration free cigar time! I no longer have that moment of disappoint after I cut my cigar and test the draw. If it's tight, I fix it!

The PerfecDraw works!

Written by Glenn E Minier on Feb 22nd 2018

The PerfecDraw works very well compared to the devices that just push a rod through the cigar. I would recommend giving one a try.

Great product

Written by undefined on Feb 21st 2018

This is the second one I've ordered, because they are great, but mostly because I lost the first one, and immidatly while carrying the second one the day after receiving it, lost the other, Christ they are slippery. If you order one, don't make it part of your EDC package, you will lose it.

Nifty gadget

Written by Stuart H on Feb 20th 2018

At last! A pretty sure-fire way to open up those too tightly rolled sticks. A must for any cigar smoker.

Cigar necessity

Written by Ron Dost on Feb 19th 2018

Perfecdraw works well, I use it in combination with draw poker.

you got the right one baby

Written by undefined on Feb 18th 2018

the product is just what I needed

great invention

Written by nelson on Feb 16th 2018

only had occasion to use it several times so far, but it worked perfectly each time. no longer have to use golf tees!!!

Worth every cent!

Written by Tony A. on Feb 9th 2018

Easy product to review! Save a few unsmokeable cigars, and the product pays for itself! (and then some). You can even ‘tune up’ those sticks with an okay draw to get them where you’d like on the draw. Seriously, this one is a no brainer. May not be the thing for those that smoke a stick every other month, but frequent smokers will definitely benefit. Buy with confidence!


Written by jason cunningham on Feb 1st 2018

With just using the perfect draw one time i fell in love with this little thing. No matter what kind of draw you have this little guy frees it up no problem every time. I would highly recommend buying one if not two. best cigar Accessories i have bought so far. i take with me every where i go.

It Works, can't ask for more!

Written by Lou Cambruzzi on Jan 31st 2018

I like to buy bargain cigars well knowing that there will be some construction issues. I haven't had to toss a single one due to tight construction since I got the PerfecDraw tool.

Works great

Written by James Frame on Jan 29th 2018

First off, it's obvious that this is a high quality product as soon as you open the box. I've used it so far on a handful of torpedoes that were plugged a bit at the end and easily adjusted them to a perfect draw. This will pay for itself in no time.

it just works!!

Written by Jason on Jan 25th 2018

great product. works every time. Should be considered a "must have" for any cigar smoker

Best Cigar Device

Written by Vito on Jan 16th 2018

I've been smoking cigars for 20 years and have never come across a device like this, its already paid for itself 5 times over. I highly recommend it

Exceeded Expectations

Written by John on Jan 11th 2018

After finally having the opportunity to use the Perfecdraw, I agree with the other reviews I've read. It's a must-have cigar tool.


Written by undefined on Jan 10th 2018

To start with, this is a cool product and I love cool products! :-) It shipped very fast, no problems. The design and execution of this wellmade and useful thing is topnotch, materialwise also I haven´t used it for so long time, but already it saved some cigarr´s. I will continue to use it and evaluate how it works. Can even be used as a nubber. From the first time I saw it, I know that I must have it! Very glad I did :-D

Saved my cigars!

Written by Chris on Dec 31st 2017

Had a box of Hamlet Tabaquero in Salomon with every stick virtually unsmokable. The remainder of this box has been sitting for maybe a year and a half. This tool saved the box!! Was never able to fully appreciate the blend until Perfect Draw came along. No more wasted sticks. This tool is slim enough that it can be safely used on lanceros and ninfas without cracking the wrapper or binder. A must have tool for torpedoes and small ring gages. No more wasted sticks. You can tweek the draw on any stick to maximize the flavor of the blend. Can't believe I have lived this long without this tool!

Cigar saving tool

Written by Stephen S. on Dec 28th 2017

Achieving my ideal draw on any decent cigar is now a foregone conclusion. Also, I like having the option to spear the cap for the last 3 or 4 draws of a nub- worthy cigar.

Makes the cigar even better

Written by Johan on Dec 28th 2017

Fantastik innovation

Exactly what it is!

Written by undefined on Dec 26th 2017

Absolutely the best

Great Tool

Written by Robert Marcell on Dec 23rd 2017

A must have tool for the cigar enthusiasts. Very high quality product. Actually removes small amounts of tobacco to remedy tight draw and plugs without damaging cigar.

As Promised

Written by gimpyMike on Dec 18th 2017

Works very well. Glued a big crack shut and cigar drew well afterwords.


Written by whiskeyrunner on Dec 15th 2017

Many thanks ...... your product is the definition of craftsmanship and quality. A fantastic addition to the travel humidor!! Shipping lightning fast!

Cigar Saver Extraordinaire

Written by Todd on Dec 13th 2017

What a lifesaver! Completely alleviates the frustration of a cigar that wants you to pass out trying to draw on it. The prefect tool for every cigar smoker, no exceptions. I love this thing and just a couple more to give as gifts for a very Merry Xmas.

Does what it's supposed to do

Written by John M Byrd on Dec 13th 2017

I've only had this product a couple of weeks and I've already used it three times. With a one-year satisfaction guarantee giving this product is a no-brainer for any cigar smoker. In two weeks time I've already decided it's a keeper.

Exactly as promised

Written by Jim on Dec 4th 2017

I’ve been crushed a few times over the years by having to give up on a cigar that I had been looking forward to smoking... it’s only the pricey ones - a feeling much like opening a corked bottle of wine that you took a lot of time to select. And much like the wine, when it’s tile to enjoy the cigar it’s too late to correct the problem without trying another (if you have one). I’ve already used it on a Cuban and anticipate this will pay for itself in less than a year.

Good Cigars are ALWAYS Good Now

Written by Mike S on Nov 21st 2017

Good cigars can always be good with the Perfect Draw Tool, everyone has expierenced a good tasting cigar but had it not as enjoyable with poor draw or clog, poor draws and clog create heat and poor taste, If you are Wise, this Tool will make your Favorite Cigars Better

Perfect Tool for a tight draw

Written by Rich L on Nov 18th 2017

I've had a Draw Poker for years but it's so big that I never have it with me. The PerecDraw is compact and fits in my travel humidor and goes with me wherever I smoke. It's easy to drill a small hole in the end and draw out the offending tobacco that is preventing me from getting a good draw out of a cigar. In less than 2 weeks I've used it over 3 times to fix the draw on a cigar.

A Must Have In Your Cigar Arsenal!!

Written by Marcel on Nov 14th 2017

I bought this tool in a last ditch effort to save my Punch Churchill’s from 2002. WOW, I Have Highly Recommended the Pefecdraw to everyone I know, a must have. Buy 2 and never go without! Definitely check them out on YouTube channel.

Great product

Written by Jason Beguhn on Nov 1st 2017

I've had the Perfecdraw for about three weeks now, and I've used it about three times. It's perfect for the really tight draws.

Perfec! Perfec! Perfec!

Written by Jeff Mohney on Oct 30th 2017

This absolutely the Perfec and well thought out invention. Thank the Katman.. I am using punches now cause I have a backup in the Perfec draw. Can not say enough except that every serious cigar smoker should have one. You will not be disappointed and the price is worth it.

Perfect Tool for cigar draw

Written by Steve Z on Oct 30th 2017

I have been smoking cigars for about 30 years. While I enjoy cigars from every region of the world, my biggest worry when I purchase a cigar is the draw. I have purchased prior tools to improve their draw, and they have all simply provided a channel (using a spear-like device), and ALL have failed miserably. After seeing the PefecDraw in the video on their web site, I was intrigued by the design and the ability to remove small amounts of tobacco. I purchased the device, and was so impressed, that I bough 2 more for my friends. The construction is first class. The devise is metal, with an excellent weight and feel. It is small enough to tuck away in your jacket or in a shirt pocket. I have used it on several cigars since I received it, and it has NEVER failed to convert an unsmokable cigar (due to a very tight draw) to a pleasant smoke. I can’t recommend this tool enough. If I could, I would give it 10 stars!

Cure or tight cigars

Written by undefined on Oct 26th 2017

The perfect raw works as promised. First tool I have used that actually removes the over filled tobacco and turns an unsmokeable cigar into a nearly perfect cigar.

More Than Pays For Itself

Written by Mark Mc - TX on Oct 24th 2017

I purchased my first PerfecDraw a few months ago. The difference is tremendous. I just had to have another to haul around with me. I've been spending more time at the lounge, and was missing it while I was there. Thus, order #2. I've had at least one guy order one while we sat talking about it. I even used the new one tonight to open up an Avo figurado. This thing just saved me $16 in one shot. I would say my other has saved me 5 or 6 times that on tight torpedoes and figurados, much less just giving me an outstanding draw on cigars that are already decent. Your product is definitely a must have for anyone that loves a good cigar.

Smoke with Perfect Draw

Written by Ben Yim on Oct 24th 2017

Had a robusto size cigar with Perfect Draw and made some adjustment on the draw of cigar before lighting, as per instructed by Perfect Draw Video. I found that it could burn evenly so that the cigar can be burnt peacefully (without lighting several times after first lighting) and I finished the cigar with last 0.5 inch (yes, I used cigar piercer to hold the last part of cigar). One thing I didn't try is to hold the remaining part of cigar when it was burnt to final part since I have had cigar piercer already and I don't want cigar smell getting onto the Perfect Draw which may bring the tobacco smell into next cigar.

Just as described

Written by Jeff on Oct 23rd 2017

Worth every penny. This product is well made and works exactly as described and makes a perfect gift for any cigar smoker. Put that cordless drill away!

close to great

Written by undefined on Oct 12th 2017

doesn’t always work the first time, and occasionally have had to do it three times [RESPONSE FROM PERFECDRAW: Often having to use the PerfecDraw more than once is the whole idea. That is intentional. We only want to remove a little bit of tobacco each time so that you can fine-tune your cigar to your ideal draw. If we made it remove a lot of tobacco at one time, you might end up removing too much tobacco. Every cigar is different, and each cigar smoker has a different idea of what their "perfect draw" is. ]

Box of Cubans in peril... PerfectDraw to the rescue!!!

Written by Guido DiPilla on Oct 4th 2017

I purchased a box of Cuban Partagas # 4 about a year ago. Could life get any better?!?! However, during my recent unboxing, I noticed that many (most) of them were very tightly packed and worried the draw may would suffer as a consequence. My suspicions were soon realized after lighting up 3 of them on separate occasions... The experience was so poor, I regrettably discarded them mid-herf. Weeks later I came across a YouTube video of a review of the PerfectDraw and another more traditional poker by CigarObsession. I figured, what have I got to lose??? Immediately ordering one. Waiting impatiently for the unit to arrive (although it really only took a couple days), I performed a little surgery on one of my favourite cigars. IT WORKED!!!!! I was ecstatic that my investment had not been for not, and that I could enjoy these fine sticks with minimal effort or fuss... Great product!!! Highly recommended...

Great product.

Written by undefined on Oct 4th 2017

No matter the vitola, the PerfecDraw really works, though you may need to go in two or three times to get the draw just right. The real bonus is using it as a nub tool - no more burnt fingers on that stick you just can't put down until the end - literally!

Perfect Poke

Written by Gary on Oct 3rd 2017

Love this poker, it does what it promises. I have struggled with tightly rolled sticks for years. I always try to ram a rod in the but honestly that RARELY works. The PerFect Draw pulls tobacco out and opens up the draw to perfection. Money well spent!! I do wish I had ordered the glue as well.

well worht it

Written by Paul Purnell on Sep 28th 2017

Yes it works and is a cure for bad draw! My complaint is that for foreign buyers (in UK) I had to pay overseas postage PLUS £15 Customs . Mad eit expensive !

Superior Draw Enhancer

Written by Convinced on Sep 25th 2017

I have owned another brand of draw enhancer for years but eventually became frustrated with its limited ability to fix a badly rolled cigar. The perfect draw does a much better job and converts a potentially unsmokable cigar into a good smoke. Thumbs up, perfect draw!

Yep, it's that good.

Written by Doug B, Seattle on Sep 24th 2017

Because of the type of cigars I order, I have a lot of plugged or near-plugged examples. I tried the poker and didn't like it much. In 2016 I stumbled on PerfecDraw's website and it looked better, but kind of pricey. Well, it paid for itself quickly, letting me smoke quite a few nicely aged cigars that I only had laying around because they were unsmokable before. I now use it often because some cigars are a bit tight. It's the real deal. Just remember to handle that barbed point the same way you would a fishhook; it's very sharp and stays that way.

my second perfecdraw

Written by Bill Joynes on Sep 22nd 2017

I recently ordered my 2d Perfecdraw. Wanted a second one for when I'm away from home or on the road. This tool pays for itself in a short amount of time. More importantly, it allows the smoker to get that perfect draw and and enjoy all the flavors the blender intended. Thanks Dr Rod. I tell all my friends not to bother with other "pokers",... Get the best !!

nice Thing

Written by undefined on Sep 20th 2017

The drill works very good but it could be longer. For shapes bigger than corona it is to short. [REPLY BY PERFECDRAW]: The PerfecDraw has been designed to be small enough to be convenient to carry and fit in any cigar tool kit. The length was determined based on the Churchill cigar length, which is 7 inches. The PerfecDraw shaft is 3.75", and can be used from both ends of a cigar to total 7.5". Our testing and research also determined that approximately 94% of the time the tightness in cigars is in the "head" end of the cigar. Rarely is it necessary to insert the PerfecDraw into the "foot end".

Perfect item

Written by Chris V on Sep 20th 2017

I have 2 of these and just ordered another. All of my cigar buddies either have one or will be ordering soon. This tool is nothing short of amazing. If u are a daily smoker the perfect draw will pay for itself in a month or less. Buying one of these is a no brainer. You guys have solved the annoying problem if plugged and tight drawing cigars. Many thanks for such a great product

The Tool To Use

Written by undefined on Sep 16th 2017

The PerfecDraw works perfectly. I was not sure it would be much better than a draw poker but it's far superior.

Best Cigar Tool Ever

Written by John S M on Sep 6th 2017

This little tool has become an indispensable part of my cigar life routine.

Saves those that can be saved

Written by James Rosenthal on Sep 4th 2017

About 1/3 of all cigars I have purchased over the last couple years have been rolled too tightly or are near plugged. It doesn't seem to matter which brand or how much they cost, I guess it's just the nature of variance in hand made cigars. Some are truly beyond saving and the Perfecdraw can't achieve the impossible, but on the ones that are borderline headache inducing, it does free up the draw by enough that I can actually still enjoy it and not throw money away. For the price, it's pays for itself in less than 1/2 dozen cigars that would have gone in the trash.

Great Tool

Written by John on Sep 3rd 2017

The PerfecDraw has saved me some cash with hard draws on my stogies it works great and is high quality it will pay for its self in no time. I'm glad I found this tool searching on internet for something to help with my cigars.

No more plugged cigars!

Written by Peter H Leviten on Aug 28th 2017

The days of frustrating smokes are over thanks to this fine instrument. It's a must for all cigars smokers.

It is about time!

Written by James Puente on Aug 24th 2017

This is a great product. I have always preferred a bored hole rather than any type of cut. This tool is a must for those that want a full smooth puff of smoke. it works great, experiment with it. try different depths and try from both sides if you have to get by a knot. the best part for me is that once you get the hang of this tool you can have a perfect small hole with a big draw and with minimum fraying of the mouth tip. that is COOL.


Written by Treehouse Pete on Aug 21st 2017

Outstanding product. The only minor complaint I have is that I've already lost 2 of them........although it probably doesn't help that I drink a little. The "pen like" clip isn't really helpful to me (and most golfers) because we don't have pocket's on our shirts. What would be ideal would be a tool about half the length with a loop that could be attached to your key ring.

Saving Cigars And Money

Written by David on Aug 19th 2017

I live in Canada, where a quality cigar can easily cost upward of $20 each. If I can salvage 2 cigars, the PerfecDraw will pay for itself. I'm already halfway there. Excellent product.

Great Product

Written by Andrew on Aug 18th 2017

Great for loosening up tight draws. Great for use on torpedos, clip once and use the PerfecDraw instead of clipping two or three times.

Exactly as promised

Written by BarryNY on Aug 15th 2017

I have a large collection of Cuban Cigars both aged stock and current vintage. One of the drawbacks with CC is that construction is just not as consistent as that of the non Cubans. The most common issue encountered is a plugged stick. After having used makeshift skewers and ice picks the PerfecDraw caught my attention. I've already used it a few times to make a tight draw well...perfect! I even commissioned a custom leather cigar and tool holder just to accommodate my new favorite tool (and the bottle of PerfecRepair). As stated in the videos - I'm finding that I'm now using the PerfecDraw on every cigar I smoke (I too love punch cuts) just to have every one of them perfect every time. A must have great top-quality product.

Worth it's weight...

Written by Scott on Aug 5th 2017

in just 2 weeks the PerfecDraw has already paid for itself! it really works!


Written by Roy in Houston TX on Aug 5th 2017

Received the PerfecDraw and within three cigars I had one where the draw was awful...did exactly what the video instructs and WOW, IT WORKS!!!!

Glad I found the Perfec Draw!

Written by stephen boka on Aug 3rd 2017

This product is all it's advertised to be. I smoke Cuban cigars almost exclusively and often had to suffer through the disappointment of a too tight draw. In the few weeks I've used the Perfec Draw, I've already saved or improved at least 6 cigars! Absolutely satisfied with this well crafted instrument!

Engineered solution !!

Written by Joe Lombard on Jul 25th 2017

I love the Perfect draw tool, a high quality product, well engineered and well made; .....and its works well too !!!

Best cigar tool ever

Written by Dave Johnston on Jul 21st 2017

The Perfect Draw is the best tool out there to fix up a tight drawing cigar as well as a nuber to smoke it all. As they say, good the the last puff

It works!

Written by Larry on Jul 15th 2017

I was sceptical, but it delivers exactly what's promised. Have greatly improved and saved several cigars.

Cigar repair tool

Written by Roosevelt Graham Jr on Jul 13th 2017

It works as advertised ; when you have a cigar that is to hard to draw through this little device is the perfect tool to have.

A Must Have!

Written by Rich C. on Jul 12th 2017

Quite frankly, this is a must have for any serious cigar smoker. With handrolled cigars, there are bound to be inconsistencies from time to time in how tightly they are rolled. That's why I'm glad I bought this little tool to keep with me on every smoking session. It works wonders for a tight draw, plain and simple. Love that it's so skinny, and easy to keep in a pocket with my lighter and cutter. Great product!


Written by on Jul 11th 2017

A must have tool if you smoke cigars.

A Perfectool

Written by Luke Robson on Jul 4th 2017

I recently purchased a percefdraw, as i have been plagued of late with pluged sticks, and my simple draw poker kept splitting wrappers. After reading some reviews, I thought I should give the perfecdraw a try. Like the name suggests, this provides a perfectdraw on even the most stubborn stogies. Well done!!

A Necessary Accessory

Written by TJ Coro on Jul 3rd 2017

After using the PerfecDraw for a few weeks, it has become as indispensable as a fine lighter. I carry it with me wherever I take my cigars and use it all the time to adjust the draw to my liking and to liberate those sticks that were too plugged to smoke. As necessary as a lighter. Don't leave home without it!

A must have tool for cigar smokers

Written by on Jul 2nd 2017

I absolutely love the perfec draw! I have saved a ton of cigars plus if your like me I am very picky about my draw and some cigars get a little plugged through during smoking. This always fixes the problem. I've only had a couple tight cigars it couldn't save! Worth every penny!

Perfec draw

Written by Robert on Jul 1st 2017

This is the best purchase I have made works great and saves tight drawing cigars highly recommend

A must have for any cigar lover!

Written by Mike on Jun 29th 2017

This is a great product. It's a must have for any cigar lover. It has already saved 2 cigars for me in just the first week. It also works as a great nubber to get as much as you can out of a good cigar.

Does not get better than this!

Written by Barnet Rawitch on Jun 28th 2017

Best design, best construction, best tool period. Never thought I would hope for a tight draw stick just so I can use the tool. :)

A real addition to my cigar experience

Written by on Jun 24th 2017

This is not a gimmick. I've never used a draw tool before; I thought it was more likely to ruin a cigar rather than help. I felt that if I couldn't get a good result by simply adjusting my draw or perhaps lightly chewing the end into a mild box press shape, it was a sign of a less than stellar cigar. I've used this on a half dozen cigars in the past two weeks and it's led to flawless or near flawless performance from each cigar. I strongly recommend this to anyone who feels remotely interested.

It works!

Written by Andrew Loy on Jun 23rd 2017

Despite my hesitation, I followed the advice of Bryan Glynn and other reviewers and purchased the PerfecDraw. It works exactly as it should, easy and quick and clean. The instrument is high quality and I have used it successfully several times. Absolutely satisfied!

money saver

Written by ANTHONY COLANERI on Jun 23rd 2017

great product... saved me alot of money on cigars... ones i would have thrown out were smoked an enjoyed

Perfecdraw there is nothing better

Written by undefined on Jun 15th 2017

Greatest product on the market if you have a tight drawing cigar you need this tool

Great Product - Great Service

Written by Mike Hipkins on Jun 12th 2017

Excellent all around. Ordered on Thursday and delivered Monday - and that's to the UK! As for the PerfecDraw well that performs exactly as advertised. Do watch the instructional video's either on this site or on YouTube to make sure you get the most out this excellent product!

Living Up To The Hype

Written by Lou Mande on Jun 11th 2017

Very infrequently do products live up to their advertising. The Perfecdraw performs as advertised. I can make every cigar I smoke draw perfectly. Isn't that what we are always aiming for? Great Product!!

A Terrific Product

Written by Martn Budner on Jun 7th 2017

This "awl" for cigars has worked every time I have used it to clear a passage in too tight rolled cigars. If you follow the video instructions for this product you cannot go wrong. I do not smoke expensive cigars, they are all below $10 and I find just too many cigars that are rolled too tight and impossible to smoke. This product solves the problem and will pay for itself in saved cigars. Great job sir! Now, can I ask about a tooth problem I am having.

The Best So Far

Written by Ironpeddler on May 26th 2017

As a 40 year cigar smoker, the frustration of a plugged cigar still bothers me every time I come across one...especially Habanos. I've tried them all...a long thin drill bit. A metal coat hanger. The Draw Poker thing with the tray...very few work. This one works because it removes a small amount of tobacco with it's very sharp barbs in the process. I even use it to open up cigars that aren't plugged, ones that just don't have a draw that suits me. A handy tool that EVERY cigar smokers should have in their arsenal.

Well Made!

Written by undefined on May 24th 2017

This product feels like the Mont Blanc of pens! VERY well made, sturdy in hand and works like it claims. Well worth the investment!

Perfect cigar tool!

Written by Guus van Diggelen on May 24th 2017

This tool is perfect for fixing you're cubans. Very sharp, looks great. An absolute must-have for every cigarsmoker!

Must Have for Habanos

Written by Rob on May 23rd 2017

I tend to collect and age Cubans at home and smoke all the rest at my local shop. Cubans can be hit or miss and it is hard to throw away a $20 to $70 cigar just because of the draw. I bought the PD two weeks ago (05/17) and I already have saved two cigars. That's $60 savings in cigars, which tasted even better than normal after PD, when the tool was $40. I am already plus $20. Great purchase and angry I did not invent it.

Really Good Tool!

Written by Big E on May 22nd 2017

Well made, sharp tip, sharp teeth, well balanced. I recommend taking a less is more approach to removing your tobacco. Nice!


Written by Dave on May 19th 2017

I've used a Drawpoker before with fair success at best in reclaiming plugged cigars. The Perfecdraw is so much better. I've only owned it a few weeks but I now use it on almost every cigar, because I prefer a punch cut. It is suggested that all users review the short but informative video on how to use the tool best. It is so portable, thinner than a bic pen in its protective case, that keeping it with your cigars when you travel is very easy. Highly recommended!

A Real Cigar Saver

Written by Jim on May 19th 2017

This little tool really works as advertised and even though I've had it only a very short time it has paid for itself in saved cigars. If you smoke hand rolled cigars you need one of these.

You need this tool!

Written by Jonesy on May 12th 2017

This is simply a must have tool... save those cigars that are too hard to smoke now!

A life saver!!

Written by Robert Solano on May 10th 2017

Looks great, works great. Small but sleek. I enjoy smoking cigars but enjoy them even more now

best cigar tool EVER

Written by Troy Heath on May 6th 2017

can make an otherwise worthless plugged tight draw into a nice enjoyable cigar. Thanks Doc your are applauded by BOTL everywhere.


Written by undefined on May 6th 2017

I have been smoking cigars over 25 years and lost count in cigars I could not smoke with a perfect draw. I even tried my mums knitting needle little luck, now I can return mums knitting needle (lol). HIGHLY RECOMMENED!! YOU WILL HAVE NO REGRETS. THANK YOU.

best cigar tool i ever owned

Written by Sy Rosenbaum on May 2nd 2017

I heard a lot of buzz about this on a couple cigar internet forums, so I expected it to be very good. But I had no idea it is THIS good. I'm never without it when having a cigar.

A must have tool!

Written by Brian on Apr 24th 2017

If you've ever had a cigar that just didn't draw and you couldn't get it to draw and ended up trashing it you need this. Over the years everyone is going to end up with a plugged stick. Not two days after getting my perfect draw I had a stick with a really tight draw, it would have been smokable but not enjoyable. I broke out the Perfect Draw and went to work as the video teaches. It's easier than that video even makes it look and the results were a perfect draw. This is a must have tool if you never want to throw away another good stick.

Best draw tool ever!

Written by Matthew on Apr 22nd 2017

Was not sure of this one, too short. How would it handle cigars plugged by tobacco expanding behind the coal in any cigar longer than a petit robusto, the kind of plug I experience most often? On real plugs near the back or middle of a longer cigar it is fantastic. Has just the right amount of aggressiveness to really open the draw. A real plug will not close back on you! But it turns out it helps with the plug-behind-the-coal too! By opening a channel in the cigar, even a "pyrolysis plug" gets a little easier to draw, and when the cigar does finally burn down to the channel opened by the tool, the problem goes away completely! Will review more fully on my Great tool!

Precision engineering at its best

Written by J M Rowland on Apr 21st 2017

Such a simple and elegant tool. Works perfectly . Never have an issue with bad drawv again. Would recommend to anyone as an essential tool for your cigar collection.

One of those "Why didnt I think of that?" tools

Written by J Cox on Apr 21st 2017

As if it wasn't a great enough tool for improving the pull on a tight draw, it lets you get down to the very last bit of a great cigar as a nubber. On top of that, as a company, their communication and customer service is top notch!

Great Tool Every Cigar Smoker Should Own

Written by Jason on Apr 21st 2017

The PerfecDraw is great. I prefer a punch cut and sometimes it does not give adequate draw. The PerfecDraw eliminates having to punch a second time and allows you to have more control over how much you increase the draw by. The fact that it can be used as a nub holder is just a bonus!

A Perfect Solution

Written by undefined on Apr 20th 2017

The frustration of enduring the occasional tight drawing or plugged cigar is now a thing of the past. So pleased was I with this great tool that I bought one for a fellow cigar-loving friend.

Works as advertised

Written by Bill on Apr 20th 2017

Got a chance to use this recently and I have to say it is the best for fixing a plugged cigar, it works perfectly!

Worth every penny!!

Written by Jody on Apr 19th 2017

I was frustrated​ with sticks with poor draw and had begun twisting a 3/32 drill bit into the end of the cigar. It was slightly better than nothing. Then while searching the internet for tips for improving draw, I came upon PerfecDraw. Order was easy. Delivery was quick. I must say it PerfecDraw was better than I expected. It is worth every penny.

Top Notch Tool

Written by Bruce on Apr 17th 2017

I have been smoking cigars for 36yrs and this is hands down the best cigar tool I have ever used.

Worth the money!

Written by Mark Maples on Apr 17th 2017

Haven't had it a month yet. Have used it maybe three times so far. Has worked well each and every time. Only suggestions I have are possibly make it available in different colors? Also might need a bit larger barb for cigars that are 58 - 60 or bigger ring gauge. On toros it works well. Wondering how it will do on gordos as I smoke quite a few of them also.

Great tool

Written by Dave on Apr 13th 2017

I purchased the perfecdraw after reading a cigar review by Katman. The tool is super. I tend to use it on most of my cigars to hand tune the draw. I used a cigar awl (ice pick) before and would experience wrapper issues on occasion. This tool has never caused any problems and gives me the draw that I am most comfortable with

Great item

Written by Karl on Apr 13th 2017

Great product well worth the money it has already saved 5 cigars that would have been thrown away without it

Highly Recommended

Written by HavanaSunday on Apr 11th 2017

The PerfecDraw tool has brought me back to those cigars from 1999 through 2001 that had inherently bad construction and draw problems. Because of the PerfecDraw those cigars are now highly enjoyable. Just be certain to watch the video in order to use it properly. Highly recommended.

Best cigar tool ever!!!

Written by donM on Apr 10th 2017

I have tried several 'tools' to open up a plugged cigar from toothpicks to paper clips, and pipe tools. Nothing was really satisfactory until I got the perfect draw. I have used it AS INSTRUCTED several times. Only once did it really need to be unplugged but on two other occasions he draw was tighter than I like. This product worked beautifully. bet. But I tried the cheap methods and no dice. Very clever design sir...5 stars

It works beautifully!

Written by Eduardo Sassaki on Apr 8th 2017

I have just used today in a few cigars that had a very tight draw and it worked flawlessly. Unlike a poker draw, which just move tobacco leaves around and it rarely improves the draw, this device physically removes bits of tobacco and creates a passage for the air to go through the cigar, improving and in some instances, unplugging a cigar that would otherwise end up in a garbage bin. Well done!

Excellent durable product priced right

Written by Peter savino on Apr 6th 2017

Same as above

A great cigar tool!

Written by Michael Chavez on Apr 5th 2017

I love this thing, I use it all the time. It paid for itself in a week. I had a collection of cigars that were to tight that I just couldn't bring myself to throw away. When I saw the Perfecdraw I knew I had to get it. Now all those cigars have been smoked and there's room in my humidor for more sticks. Awesome!

Love it, but have a question

Written by Bill on Apr 5th 2017

Have used this on 3 NOTORIOUS cigars: Bolivar Corona Gigante, Lusitania and a Punch DC. First two were easy and it worked great. The Punch DC was a pain-- knot in the dead center of a DC! I worked if from both sides but couldn't get it to draw. I read below that I just need to keep on reaming it? Should I try a wider dispersion pattern or stick with only poking in the center of the stick? (I have not had a single wrapper crack yet and I have tried dispersion....maybe user error).. THANKS, Bill [REPLY FROM PERFECDRAW – Hi Bill. This is Rod Kurthy. Really happy that you’re enjoying the PerfecDraw. The Cuban Punch Double Corona that you’re having problems with is 7.6” long. Probably about 7.5” after you use your cutter. When I designed the PerfecDraw, one of the main considerations was to make it thin and convenient to slip into a pocket or fit in a small cigar tool kit. When determining the length of the shaft, I used the Churchill size as my guide. Churchills run between 6.75” and 7”. So I made the length of the PerfecDraw shaft 3.75”. That way, when considering being able to use it from both ends, that covers 7.5” – well, actually 7.25” because ideally you’d have some overlap when needing to go in from both ends (which is VERY rare). This is a very unusual case. Not only is your cigar just a little longer than a Churchill, but it appears that the knot is dead-center down the shaft of the cigar. When you said, “Should I try a wider dispersion pattern or stick with only poking in the center of the stick?”, yes, that’s the key. If you look again at the post below you’ll see where it says, “Push in and pull out several times while using sideways force to dig the sides of the blades deeper into the knot. Remove the instrument often to bring out debris.” And also, yes, you can pull the PD out just enough to clear the knot, re-angle it and screw it into the knot in a new area So the idea is to get the blades right in the knot and push in/pull out several times while using sideways force to push the blades into the tight tobacco in the knot. I like to do that while also rotating the cigar. Now the problem here… since this cigar is even longer than a Churchill, the PerfecDraw is not quite long enough. So give what I discussed a try first. And if still can’t get a good draw….. it kills me to say this… but I’d clip ¼” off the foot of the cigar to shorten the cigar by ¼”. At that point go into the foot again with the PerfecDraw and you’ll get ¼” deeper – and work away. Better to have a cigar that’s ¼” shorter and have an enjoyable draw than to struggle through it until you get past that knot. After you’ve tried all this, go to the website contact page and let me know how it worked! Thanks]

**Edit to my last review** "does a decent job"

Written by David R. on Apr 2nd 2017

Thank you for the prompt reply with info. Thanks for emailing me about your reply. Wow, you replied in about ten minutes! I watched the vid again and followed your advice. Just tried it on a pretty tight stick. Huge difference. Now I get it. Sorry for my last review. My bad. Love it. Five stars now. Hey, I also tried it as a nubber. Now I understand why you call it Perfec. [REPLY FROM PERFECDRAW – LOL! You don’t waste any time! Glad you love it now. Let us know if we can answer any other questions. Thank you.]

Does a decent job

Written by David R. on Apr 2nd 2017

Perfect Draw works pretty well, but not like all the reviews I see here. Don’t get me wrong, it’s better than anything else I’ve tried. When I insert it into the cigar, I twist it around probably 20 times and still don’t get that much tobacco coming out. Still glad I have it, but not as impressed as I thought I would be. [REPLY FROM PERFECDRAW – We’re very glad you posted. You’re using the PerfecDraw incorrectly. It is not designed to twist. That defeats the purpose. Twisting just cuts a tiny bit of tobacco off and clogs up the blades and pulling channels. Give this a try – screw it into the cigar and then pull straight out. No twisting. This allows the blades to cut tiny areas, but also allows the “tobacco pulling channels” to work. When twisting it, you reduce the effectiveness by at least 70-80%. Also – when you have a “knot” somewhere in the cigar, you can screw in the blades until you’re in the knot. Then pull straight out about an inch and push back in. Push in and pull out several times while using sideways force to dig the sides of the blades deeper into the knot. Remove the instrument often to bring out debris. Re-check the draw each time to see if more is needed. Watch the instructional video on the website again and give it a try. Please post again after you try that and let us know how it’s working for you. Or you can contact us through the website if you have additional questions. We will message you to read this reply. Thank you.]

All I hear is “I told ya so!”

Written by Jimmy – Rockwall, TX on Apr 1st 2017

All of my cigar buddies have been talking about the Perfec Draw and Perfec Repair. At first I thought yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. I thought I was very cool using my paper clip or meat skewer to open the draw. But I finally broke down and got both of them. I’ve had them now for three weeks, and oh man! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Such a no brainer. What can I say. I was wrong. Now I’m hearing the “I told ya so’s”.

mama mia!

Written by Steven Masi on Mar 30th 2017

Why hasn't someone invented something like this before. I should have thought of this. Best cigar tool I own.

can't imagine being without this

Written by Mitch Cartegena on Mar 27th 2017

I like this thing so much that I gave mine to a good friend and just ordered myself another one. I really think this is a must-have tool. I only had mine for a month before I gave it away and I already can’t imagine ever being without one.

Amazing little gizmo

Written by Mike on Mar 25th 2017

This is really an amazing little gizmo. Brilliant. Never seen anything even remotely like it. I've had it for 6 weeks, and now I can't imagine ever being without it. I've now become super picky about the draw of my cigars because now I can adjust the draw to exactly what I want. I highly recommend.

More than I expected

Written by Lenny DePietro on Mar 22nd 2017

This contraption is way more effective than I even hoped for. It has become my most important cigar tool. Everyone that I show it to (and let use it) goes freaking nuts over it. Maybe I should get a commission from the company for helping them sell these things. But seriously, if you don’t have one and if you give the slightest hoot about the draw of every cigar you smoke, you really need to get this thing. I’m shocked that I now use it on almost every cigar I smoke. ‘nuff said.

nice tool

Written by undefined on Mar 12th 2017

I really enjoy using the perfecdraw cigar tool, and now use it almost every time I smoke. It is clearly professionally designed.

GF was right

Written by Tyler Logan on Mar 11th 2017

My GF bought me this perfec draw for my birthday. I laughed at her and told her that cigar pokers just don't work AT ALL, and she should get her money back. Well, she's the one laughing at me now, because this thing is amazing. I'm using it on almost every cigar now.

Every cigar has a perfect draw.

Written by Racn2win on Mar 10th 2017

Remember when you needed that perfect cigar to help erase the tensions of the day just to have a too tight draw add to your frustration. Those days are over with this tool. With a push, twist and pull your perfect draw is moments away. Every serious cigar smoker should have this item in their cache along side their favorite cigar cutter and lighter. When I go for a cigar it is now the third tool I make sure I carry with me.This tool is sleek, well crafted, easy to use and best of all, it works. I highly endorse this item. **[From PerfecDraw -- Racn2win, you must be some sort of marketing copywriter. We should hire you!! Glad you like the PerfecDraw so much!! ]**


Written by Jamie Bartok on Mar 9th 2017

The owner of the tobacco shop and lounge that I frequent has one of these PerfecDraws, and he lets his customers use it. I was blown away. Can't believe anything like this exists. When I tried it, I was speechless. So I ordered one, and it arrived today. I used it on the cigar I smoked tonight in the back yard. WOW!! I'm so jazzed!

Priduct Lives Up TO Hipe FINALLY!

Written by Pete Bellanger Sr on Mar 4th 2017

Saw a vid of this PerfecDraw on YouTube. Since it was so different in the way it deals with plugs I decided to give it a try. Really wasn't expecting much as it wasn't my first time in the poker rodeo. It would be number 4 in my humidor. Was I surprised? Totally. This thing works and works great. It works by removing part of the plug instead of just pushing tobacco around. Used it on a Macanudo 1998 Vintage. The draw was like that of a fast food milk shake, a real head collapser. Two passes from the cap end and it was a PerfecDraw.

Gift for a Friend

Written by Aaron Taubman on Feb 28th 2017

I already have one. I find that it's an essential tool such as a lighter and cutter. Never leave home without it if I plan on smoking. I gave one as a gift because I stand behind the product. It has already paid for its self. My friend absolutely loves it and it saved him a few times also! Excellent product!

“Perfec” for my cigar shop

Written by Trevor Cotton on Feb 23rd 2017

One of my customers told me about the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair at my cigar shop. I bought a couple of each to see how they work for my customers that smoke cigars in my lounge area. I’ve never seen any cigar poker or cigar repair glue that are even close to being as effective and useful as these two. Specifically regarding the PerfecDraw, I have customers asking me to use the PerfecDraw all day long. Some of them use it on every cigar. I hate to even call this thing a cigar poker, because it’s something different entirely. These are designed and constructed extremely well. I just have to keep a close eye on them to make sure that they don’t “go missing”. My thanks to the guy that invented these things. Best cigar products ever. Will you ever consider having cigar shops sell these?


Written by Gary UK on Feb 21st 2017

The perfect draw tool is excellent and the build quality is very good. The perfect draw has already saved a number of cigars from being thrown away in just the short time I have had it.

Wish I had thought of this

Written by Freddy Quiambo on Feb 20th 2017

The perfecdraw is made extremely well. Isn’t like any regular cigar poker. I don’t understand why someone didn’t think of this years ago. With the lifetime warranty and their full year satisfaction guarantee, it’s totally worth the money. Best cigar accessory purchase I’ve ever made.


Written by Peter Captain on Feb 16th 2017

This product is just as good as advertised. Well made and functional. I would recommend it to any cigar smoker for when they have a tightly rolled cigar.

There isn't a plug this can't fix

Written by Sebastien on Feb 7th 2017

This thing really works. Push it in, twist, pull, problem solved. It does really take out a chunk of tobacco, so you have to be careful how much you pull on it. You can "un-twist" it out if you don't want to pull too much tobacco out, ie just cut the plug inside. Good product, I recommend it without hesitation.

Worth The Money!

Written by Paul H. on Feb 6th 2017

I have had this tool for several months. It can't save every cigar with draw problems. But it can save most of them. There is a learning curve to using this product, but once you conquer it, You will love this tool. The greater the ring gauge, the greater the probability of success. With really large ring gauges, two parallel applications sometimes seem to work best. I actually can fine tune a too tight cigar to exactly the draw I prefer. After I drill the hole, I massage the cigar to fill it in and loosen up the draw overall. I am often amazed at how little tobacco needs to be removed for success. Just a tiny bit too much in one place is enough to cause a problem. I refer to the tool as a "cigar drill". But it's the only cigar drill available. Tiny long fill cigarillos are where it will usually fall down and crack the wrapper. But with a 40 or above it will succeed or fail, never make things worse. I have saved enough cigars to more than pay for it. You will too. I now have a punch, then clip, then drill regimen that I use. (I almost always smoke parejos.) Yes, a few times I get too tight a draw with a punch, but the guillotine cutter fixes it. Overall, I love this thing and highly recommend it!

Super Bowl party big shot

Written by Eddy C on Feb 5th 2017

Super Bowl party at my place today. 6 of us started early with cigars in the backyard. Every single guy used my perfecdraw and 2 had to use my perfecrepair. All were flipped out how great these things work. All said they’ll order both. I was shocked that none of them ever heard of these before. Made me feel like a big shot. lol

every serious cigar smoker should not be without one

Written by Richard on Feb 2nd 2017

been smoking cigars for 40+ years.A tight or plugged cigar was always on my mind when I made my cut, no more. I can now buy cigars that I avoided because of 30% tight draws.


Written by Richard Carlson - Houston TX on Jan 29th 2017

Will leave same review for both perfecdraw and perfecrepair. Friend gave me 5 cuban Montecristo #2s for xmas. I smoked 3rd one yesterday.The draw on all three has started out super tight, but the perfecdraw has fixed the draw to perfection on each one and on several other cigars. Yesterday after using perfecdraw and fixing the draw, I still felt like I was not getting a lot of smoke. Lots of air coming through without much smoke. Couldn’t find any cracks or holes. So I did what the guy on the video said and I looked carefully and saw that one small edge of the wrapper wasn’t quite sealed. I put some of the perfecrepair over the edge of the wrapper right there. That made all the difference. I can’t believe just that little area made so much difference. The guy on the video was right. It was just like he said. I would highly recommend both perfecrepair and perfecdraw to any cigar smoker. I’ve already told all of my friends, and some of them have even used mine already.


Written by Rojelio H. on Jan 29th 2017

used it for a month so far. can’t believe i’m using it on almost every cigar. brilliant!

Fine Instrument!

Written by DTH on Jan 26th 2017

This works more like a precision instrument than a tool to me. However, that is a small quibble. It's absolutely required along with a quality cutter or punch. I've had one now for a couple of months and it works beyond my expectations! I had to order another one for the truck. Thanks Dr., you've saved me a lot of grief and money!

very useful

Written by J Newton on Jan 24th 2017

not even in the same class with any other cigar poker-type tool. genius design. best cigar tool ever.

I finally get my own

Written by Ronny aka The Cigar Mav on Jan 22nd 2017

Just ordered the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair tonight but I’m already to leave a review. One of my cigar buddies got them for Christmas. The rest of our group have been using them. Tonight I fixed my cigar with a crack on the side with his PerfecRepair. The stuff is awesome. The PerfecDraw is too. So I finally decided that I needed to buy both too. I’m excited to get mine. Every cigar lover needs both of these things.


Written by Randy Markovich on Jan 20th 2017

I probably shouldn't say this or they might raise the price. But for what this thing does, and how often I use it and how well its made, this PerfecDraw is WAY worth it. I'm using it on almost every smoke.

Solved the Problem

Written by Tom Bristol on Jan 17th 2017

PerfectDraw works exactly as advertised. Intelligent design and quality construction.

The pefecdraw is perfect

Written by ERIC WILSON on Jan 17th 2017

Absolute must if you smoke cigars, this is an excellent product


Written by Robert Paulsen on Jan 15th 2017

Any experienced cigar smoker knows the trouble with too tight rolled cigar. Usually can't keep the stick lit because of a bad draw. This makes a perfect hole for air to travel through the stick. No more thrown away cigars, or a constant trying to punch a hole to get a draw.

Saved a ton in unsmokable cigars...

Written by Stephen Wiltshire on Jan 11th 2017

Excellent tool, worth every penny...

Already paid for its self!

Written by Aaron Taubman on Jan 6th 2017

I only had the PerfectDraw for a week and a half and I used it about 10 times on some of my super premium smokes. Some were completely plugged, others were way too snug. This broke up the knots and allowed a good draw. What an excellent product. This is a must have for the serious cigar smoker!


Written by Greg Hill on Dec 29th 2016

Best draw tool, ever. Takes out the tobacco instead of simply making a hole. It worked on the first pass on a plugged cigar I recently smoked!

My husband loves this

Written by Joanne F. on Dec 27th 2016

I bought this for my husband for Christmas. He is a cigar aficionado and absolutely loves it! He can't wait to show it to all his cigar-smoking friends.

Outstanding Product.

Written by Jerry on Dec 26th 2016

Without a doubt, the best cigar tool I have ever used. Works extremely well. Bought three for Christmas presents and all were well received.

Perfect Draw works Perfectly

Written by undefined on Dec 20th 2016

Very surprised how well it works Excellent product

Works Perfect

Written by undefined on Dec 19th 2016

Works exactly like in the video have thrown out a lot of cigars very happy with it


Written by DP on Dec 13th 2016

Like nothing you ever tried

It Just Works

Written by Terry Belee on Dec 6th 2016

I've been looking for something to fix my cigars for years, now the tool is here. No more bad draw issues


Written by edward on Dec 1st 2016

Received PerfecDraw could tell after opening this product it was well made and designed well. Performs perfectly I use this on every cigar I smoke thus ensuring a easy draw. Can't say enough how much I enjoy this product. Thanks

Works great

Written by Jared on Dec 1st 2016

Works great and worth it saves cigars.

Stick Saver!

Written by Robert on Dec 1st 2016

This is a great little tool! It can save most sticks that have bad draws... Excellent...

Saves cigars

Written by undefined on Nov 29th 2016

I am a relatively new cigar guy, didn't realize the enjoyment left on the cigars I exstinguished because of poor draw till using this.

Wish I had thought of this!

Written by Bob on Nov 29th 2016

Works great. Just follow the instructions and you've got an easy drawing cigar. I no longer fear getting a bad draw or blocked cigar.


Written by Stavros on Nov 27th 2016

This is an excellent product. Easy to use.

Every cigar smoker should own this tool!

Written by Dale Greer on Nov 24th 2016

This is the best thing to happen to cigars since the humidor! I use my PerfecDraw tool many times every day.

Every cigar smoker should own this tool!

Written by Dale Greer on Nov 24th 2016

This is the best thing to happen to cigars since the humidor! I use my PerfecDraw tool many times every day.

Saved the purchase price in the first few weeks

Written by John Ohlin on Nov 17th 2016

I purchased one Perfec Draw and loved it so much I have purchased two more for fellow cigar aficionado's for Christmas. Certainly saves those cigars that otherwise might have had to be chucked due to a hernia producing draw.

Perfecdraw a great help!

Written by Guy on Nov 16th 2016

I heard about the Perfecdraw on Rush Limbaugh's program, and ordered. After watching the video, it was informative and easy to use. I realized right away that it was a good purchase and is a great way to improve the draw on my cigars. I find I am using it on every cigar I smoke, whether needed or not, with only improved results. I have no reason to not recommend the Perfecdraw for any cigar lover. I don't see how anyone would not like it.

A Perfect solution

Written by undefined on Nov 15th 2016

Simply the best. This has saved several cigars that I would otherwise have discarded.

This baby works!

Written by undefined on Nov 14th 2016

Works as shown on the tutorial. I love it.

It's real

Written by undefined on Nov 14th 2016

I tested the perfecdraw on a few cigars that had a snug to tight draw and this tool definitely worked without destroying the cigar. Excellent product.

Works very well

Written by Rob on Nov 13th 2016

I heard Rush Limbaugh mention it on his show. I Googled it and watched the video's on how to use it. PerfecDraw beats the draw poker that I had been using hands down. Using it has saved several cigars that would have been too plugged to try and smoke. Well worth the money.

Great invention

Written by undefined on Nov 11th 2016

work perfect so far

Outstanding Tool!

Written by Jason on Nov 11th 2016

Easy to use and creates a perfect draw, when needed. Small and unobtrusive, and beautifully crafted. This is a very, very helpful and well-built tool.

Works exactly how it's supposed to

Written by Tim on Nov 11th 2016

My headline says it all. It's small, it's light, and unplugs cigars, allowing for a "prefec draw", without damaging the cigar. Even works when the cigar is lit.

Great Tool

Written by undefined on Nov 10th 2016

I have already saved a lot of cigars that would have been difficult at best to smoke. Heard about it from Rush and bought one the same day.

Come on Santa

Written by undefined on Nov 10th 2016

My review will have to wait until December 25th since "Santa" is bringing it to me. I can say it looks like it will work. I'll take Rush's word for it which is where I heard about it.

Brilliant Cigar Tool!

Written by Dan Wright on Nov 10th 2016

I also heard about this product on RUSH and of course he was right. this is brilliant invention. I have been using a draw tool that is nothing more than an ice pick, so it's been frustrating because the hole just fills back in. This tool has worked on every cigar I have used it on. Thanks so much for this, I'll probably never throw away another cigar!

Works great

Written by Brian B on Nov 10th 2016

It's well made, and the design is far better than any other garage-made tool I've run across (or been able to make myself). This product demonstrates what the American dream is all about - a great idea, a better product, good service (quick shipping) and we hope for them a financial success. If you love your daily smoke, go ahead and get a couple of these for you and a buddy. Best wishes on your business!

Quality Tool

Written by undefined on Nov 10th 2016

I've only used it a few times but it seems to be working well when needed. The tool is high quality and works well

Rush was Right!

Written by Eric on Nov 10th 2016

I first heard about PerfecDraw from Rush Limbaugh, and how he liked it. I had, for decades, experienced cigars that were too tight to draw, had stems or knots in them, and so on, which cost me an expensive cigar each time. PerfecDraw allows me to fix those problems quickly, and lets me get back to what I enjoy most, a fine cigar!


Written by Richard Johnston on Nov 10th 2016

Like most cigar smokers I too have discarded many because of too tight wrapping and poor draw. Although I thought the Perfecdraw a bit pricy I decided to give it a chance. I have been greatly pleased with the purchase. Worth every penny especial when you take into account that it paid for itself in five otherwise lost cigars. I highly recommend the PerfectDraw.

getting it right

Written by Ross J. Cronkhite on Nov 10th 2016

Rush Limbaugh said this thing really works. Looked up the website the same day and ordered one . Then watched the videos . It works as advertised . Love the design . Sincerely, Ross Cronkhite

Works as advertised

Written by John Ohlin on Nov 9th 2016

I heard about this tool from Rush Limbaugh. I frequently have some of my favorite sticks that are tough draws so I got on line and ordered one. What a difference the Perfecdraw makes. I have since ordered two more to give to friends who enjoy a cigar for Christmas. I highly recommend this wonderful tool.

No more imploded eardrums!

Written by undefined on Nov 9th 2016

Took my new Perfecdraw to our Friday cigar and scotch therapy session. My cigar was too tight to draw well but after thirty seconds it was perfect. Everybody then had to check it out. Thanks, no more wasted cigars!

Do You Like to Draw?!

Written by Wes Powell aka JayZ FasDraw on Nov 3rd 2016

Howdy Pardner! If you like to draw as much as I do (without restriction) then the PerfecDraw is just right for you! I like to be the fastest draw in the West and with this little gem, I can do just that. It's easy to use and quite effective. I especially like to use a PerfecDraw on my torpedo cigars. Yeehaw! Go with the PerfecDraw!!

Works as advertised

Written by undefined on Nov 3rd 2016

Very happy with this precision and quality tool. If you buy good cigars and occasionally have one with a tight draw, this tool will most probably enhance your smoking experience and save you some money:

Nothing Like It, Best In Class!

Written by Robert Cloud on Nov 1st 2016

Actually, it is more accurate to say it has created a new and much more effective class of draw tools. A Class by Itself: Elegant, Surgically Precise, Indispensable, MUST-HAVE TOOL for cigar smokers!

A Great Idea That Really Works

Written by Steve on Nov 1st 2016

I saw it reviewed on Cigar Obsession and decided to give it a try. I’ve used pokers in the past with minimal success. This product really works. The circumference of the barrel is smaller than most pokers so it doesn’t split your cigar when it’s inserted. I was surprised how much tobacco is removed when it’s withdrawn. Even with cigars that have a good draw, this device improves it. Very very pleased and would recommend it. Every cigar smoke should have one.

A Cigar "Probe" That Works

Written by MVMikeW on Nov 1st 2016

Finally, a cigar "probe" that works - that's because instead of forcing a hole up the center of the over-packed cigar (and regularly cracking the wrapper), this device 'drills' into the cigar and removes tobacco. This doesn't work EVERY time but a lot more often than the regular probes.

This Really Works! A Must have for any Cigar Enthusiast!

Written by Gabe on Nov 1st 2016

I have been in search of a product like this for a while... I have had several other products both specifically designed for fixing a tight draw, and also some that were improvised tools with other intended purposes. Most worked marginally at best, with one specifically designed product working pretty well, requiring continued applications sometimes. I have used this product 3 times thus far, just as it is demonstrated on the website. On one particular cigar it worked with only a 1 inch depth, and on 2 other cigars I went in about 2 inches... Works great with no complaints. The first cigar it saved was a 17 year old Cuban cigar, I feel like my investment has already been returned. A very nicely made product that works as advertised. This cigar accessory is a must have for any cigar enthusiast!


Written by Frank Burnworth on Oct 31st 2016

The "Perfec" solution to a cigar packed too tightly and difficult to draw. The price appears expensive, at first, but if you figure that you will recover the cost in between 4 & 7 cigars saved. The price is highly justifiable. I have recommended the PerfecDraw to all members of my various cigar groups.

It Works!

Written by Steve on Oct 27th 2016

It works! Probably the best way to deal with a problem cigar .

You must try The PerfecDraw!!

Written by Travis on Oct 17th 2016

As a cigar aficionado I smoke 3 to 5 cigars daily – I also prefer to have a perfect draw on every cigar I smoke. That being said, I have stopped buying certain brands that I like due to the tight draw. I picked up The PerfecDraw after seeing an ad on Facebook and then watching the instructional videos. I have been impressed and use this tool on almost every cigar I smoke!! The old method of poking and having wrappers break is gone, even the oldest most delicate cigars can be opened up to perfection with this tool. The craftsmanship of the tool is as great as the tool’s functionality, it looks like an expensive pen and the functional/working end of the tool is high grade steel. I am sure it will outlast me! If you like a consistent perfect draw on your cigars buy one of these tools.

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