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Compact Cigar Accessories Case

The PerfecPak Compact Cigar Accessories Case is very small, compact and easy to carry, but it easily holds a large number of various cigar accessories. And that’s why we call it the “Little Giant”.

When you go out to have a great smoke with your friends, you want the benefit of having all of your cool little cigar accessories with you. But it can be difficult to carry all those items. So, it’s PerfecPak to the rescue!

The PerfecPak really is the compact Little Giant. It’s small, light, durable and easy to carry, yet it carries just about every cigar accessory you could ever want to bring with you…with room left over.

• 3 orange satin drawstring bags are included to protect your most treasured cigar accessories.

• Beautiful leather grain pattern.

• Elegant 3D logo stitched on.

• Large gauge, super-durable zipper.

• Elegant 3D logo zipper pull-tab.

• Inside velvet lining.

• Industrial strength black canvas material stitched around the edges, stitched on with heavy gauge nylon thread for exceptional durability.

• 2 elastic straps to help hold your accessories properly in place.

• The zipper is stitched in a way to allow expansion to carry even more, or larger, accessories when desired.


PerfecPak Cigar Accessory Case:

Reviews (12)

Good PUrchase

Written by Andrea Walters on Apr 30th 2021

Seemed to be very good quality and super quick delivery

storing cigar accessories

Written by J. Adams on Apr 25th 2021

Nice portable case for my cigar accessories. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of items I was able to fit in this case which includes: 1) Electric Lighter, 2) Matches, 3) V-Cut Cigar Cutter, 4) Steel Prong Cigar Punch, 5) Basic Cigar Punch, 6) Magnetic Cigar Holder. Easy to carry or store in a pouch.


Written by CGR LOVER on Apr 21st 2021

A friend bought one of these Perfect Paks. I’ve been admiring it for the past couple months and just broke down to get one myself. Wish I’d done it sooner. Love this little thing. I’m pretty much a fanatic about my cigar accessories, so I carry all of them with me when I go out with friends. Now I don’t have to stuff my pockets anymore.

Great little case

Written by Joe45 on Apr 19th 2021

I've tried other types of cigar accessory cases. Several in fact. This one is like Goldy Locks - it's "just right". True. Very good looking case and well made. 5 stars from me.

This pack is great

Written by dennis on Mar 23rd 2021

I have a lot of cigar accessory toys and I used to only carry a few of them with me because it was hard to stick them all in my pockets. Now I can carry all of them. And their claim that this is compact is true. Very easy to carry. This pack also seems to be made very well and looks like it will be durable. I'm happy with my purchase.

The Perfecpak is exactly what i needed

Written by Don Allen on Feb 28th 2021

I was looking for something like this to carry my cigar tools in, but just could not find anything. Then I found this perfecpak thing, and it's exactly what I needed. Its small and holds a bunch of tools. I even have room left over for more. it comes with three little silky bags to protect your tools, but I don't use expensive tools anyway, so i don't bother using those silk bags. I love the way it looks and feels too. And it is made really well.

Per draw

Written by ABDUS SAMAD MUZAHID on Nov 19th 2020

This is an amazing tool that every cigar head should have in his collection. It is so easy to use and helps the cigar open up without damaging it which makes the smoking experience so much better. It can also be used as a nubber.

Surprisingly compact But Roomy

Written by David turley on Oct 23rd 2020

Purchased the PerfecPack before a trip since I was tired of stuffing my smoking accessories in various packets in my luggage. I loaded it up with two torches, two cutters, a punch, PerfecRepair bottle, and a cigar rest, and still had plenty of room left. Everything is held securely. I kept commenting during the trip about how convenient it was to have everything in one place. Very handy and more than worth the small price.


Written by Aimless1 on Aug 17th 2020

Right sized, good construction.

Perfec pak

Written by James on Apr 30th 2020

All my cigar accessories fit in it very nicely!

Just what I needed

Written by Howard Cohen on Dec 22nd 2019

The PerfecPak is really made well. I'm impressed. And it looks great. Thumbs up from me.

They said its like a little giant. I agree

Written by The Stogiemeister on Nov 6th 2019

I've been looking for something like this to carry my cigar accessories. I have cigar sleeves that I like to carry my cigars in, so I just wanted something pretty small for my accessories. I love this thing.