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Cigar Glue & Crack Sealer
USA Patented:
International Patent Pending
  • The Patented PerfecRepair glues down a lifting or unraveling cigar wrapper instantly and securely. It is the only product of its kind.
  • Seals any crack, hole or lifted edge of the wrapper causing minor and even major air leaks through the sides of a cigar instantly, with no taste and no effect on smokability of the cigar.
  • Absolutely safe – 100% natural, food-grade products sourced from USA. 
  • Compact 3ml bottle easily and comfortably fits in a pocket or cigar tool kit. Good for 80 average repairs.  A little goes a long way! 
  • Same glue used when making cigars. Microscopic cellulose fibers instantly crisscross to form a seal over any crack or hole in the wrapper.


The PerfecRepair formula is made of two ingredients, which are both 100% natural, food-grade products from the USA, with no taste and no alteration whatsoever of the smokability of any cigar:

1.  Glue – This is the same glue used when making cigars to hold the tobacco leaf wrapper and the cap together. There is no taste alteration of smoking your cigar, which is one of the reasons it is used in the normal construction of cigars.

2.  Cellulose fibers – These are the same fibers in "high fiber" foods you eat. All plants, including tobacco, contain high amounts of cellulose. In fact, tobacco plants are often grown as a source to produce pure cellulose from.  When we smoke cigars, we are already smoking high quantities of cellulose.


The glue in PerfecRepair is thick and sticky. It therefore glues down lifting and unraveling wrappers securely and instantly – there is no drying time needed – the cigar can be smoked 90 seconds after the repair.

The cellulose fibers average only 60 microns in length and 1-2 microns in diameter. These ultra-tiny fibers crisscross instantly, forming a net over any crack, hole or damaged area of a cigar. Again, the cigar may be smoked 90 seconds after the repair.

The techniques for gluing down an unraveling wrapper; and sealing a crack, hole or other air leak; are different. Please watch the PerfecRepair instructional video before using.


How to repair with PerfecRepair:

Reviews (87)

Perfect DRaw

Written by Haris Muzaffar on Apr 16th 2021

Love the both products. Smoking cigars has become to much better with the Easy draw and the cigar glue. Have hardly lost a cigar lately. There are no substitutes to these two products in the market as in quality and efficiency.

Perfect Repair for cigars

Written by David Pridgen on Apr 10th 2020

A most excellent product! Says what it does and does what it says! It really works very well. I LOVE it. It has saved a lot of my cigars. As others have said, it is a small bottle for the price. But it is worth it!

Perfecrepair review

Written by Cal on Feb 26th 2020

I have to wait until some warm weather to test out the product, as I don't smoke cigars inside the house. That said, the shipping was prompt, and the products appear as advertised. There are solids that settle to the bottom of the container, but as the instructions note, you shake it vigorously for a minute and it mixes together for form a consistently opague looking fluid. I have no doubt it will work well, and lord knows, anything is better than when I just try to use saliva to reseat some loose wrapper. Better still, now I have a way to address actual cracks that breach the wrapper itself. Thank you for creating a unique and proper solution to a common problem.

Good repair

Written by Dave on Nov 11th 2019

Not long after receiving PerfecRepair in the mail I pulled an expensive cigar out of my humidor and noticed the wrapper unraveling slightly from the foot of the cigar. I applied the PerfecRepair and lit up almost immediately. The repair held and the finely rolled cigar held burned perfectly. This stuff lets you repair and enjoy older cigars or cigars that have been over handled. Great product!

Save your cigars.

Written by Jim Benton on Nov 4th 2019

This is a fine product. I've been using fruit pectin in the past to do essentially the same kinds of repairs. but PerfecRepair does a much better job. The formula seals better, has no taste, and dries quicker. I've saved a ton of money by saving cigars that would otherwise have to be tossed. I got this along with the PerfecDraw, which has also saved some otherwise unsmokable cigars. Great products. My only complaint is that the bottles are pretty tiny for $9.

Works well!

Written by Alfie57 on Jul 12th 2019

Finally had to use this as when punching my cigar I squeezed the cap to tight and it cracked. Used perfect repair on it and smoked it the next day and couldn't tell their ever was a crack. You don't need to wait overnight as I had more of the same cigar brand so I just punched another one at the time. Definitely worth the buy!

Fixed a pricey Padron

Written by Brendan Trail on Jun 16th 2019

I purchased a $20 Padron from a local brick and mortar that decided to start separating when I cut and lit it up. I purchased the Perdraw and PerfecRepair just a few days prior and quickly rushed to fix my disappointment. To my surprise and great pleasure the PerfecRepair worked as advertised. I highly recommend this product to everyone!

No more unravelling cigars!

Written by Aurel Guillemette on Apr 23rd 2019

Everyone encounters the problem of a cigar combining apart...this is the perfect solution!

Excellent product

Written by Don H on Apr 4th 2019

I have literally saved hundreds of $$ worth of cigars. Nothing worse than throwing out a $10 cigar because you cant smoke it. This product works. Repairs peeling, flaking and splitting wrappers. One bottle will last for many repairs. I've repaired 15+ cigars and have 2/3 of my first bottle remaining.

Simple, Effective, Awesome!

Written by Guido de Vries on Mar 24th 2019

Best there is in the market!

Pays for itself in one use!

Written by MAG on Mar 18th 2019

Best cigar glue, a little goes a long way. Be sure to shake it up really well!

Easy, Effective, Awesome

Written by Guido de Vries on Mar 9th 2019

Doesn’t get any simpler: Shake it, Repair it!

did not know this existed

Written by Erik Rosa on Mar 5th 2019

really happy with how this perfect repair stuff works to glue down unwrapping wrappers, but the most exciting thing is how great it fixes holes and cracks. i keep cigars in my golf bag and they get busted and cracked wrappers all the time. this stuff fixes those really easily. love this stuff. i just bought more to give to some of my golf buddies.

Worked like a Charm!!

Written by Matt on Feb 25th 2019

Worked great on two different cigars. Took less than a minute to dry and they were ready to smoke. Pricey for the small amount you get, but it does work!

Just in the nick of time

Written by Michael on Aug 23rd 2018

I had just received the glue, threw in bag and two days later I had dropped one of my cigars at my cigar club, it cracked the outer leaf, no problem got out my cigar glue, applied it and enjoyed my cigar. Simple! The company gives fast service and shipping, every serous cigar smoker should have this in there bag.

Stick to it!

Written by Bear on Jul 26th 2018

This product works and has saved me from tossing out several cigars and made others smokable to the nub. Gets a little thick at the end of the bottle but still works.

As Promised

Written by michael phelps on Jul 17th 2018

Purchased cigar glue with the perfected draw tool last year. Glue has saved me around 8 cigars, easy to use, leaves no taste and works. Great product.

Really works!

Written by undefined on Jul 17th 2018

I wished I had known about this repair glue sooner. This product truly repairs cracks, holes, and loose cigar wrapping that lasts the entire smoke.

Works like a charm

Written by Rick Ulrich on Jul 16th 2018

I have used it a few times. Works perfect. Saved me from thowing away cigars, money saver.

Great product

Written by undefined on Jun 26th 2018

This is a must have for cigar smokers... save those sticks now!

Goodbye unraveling

Written by Charles on Jun 14th 2018

I was tired of almost burning my toungue so this comes in handy

Rescue Squad for Cigars

Written by J.D. on Jun 9th 2018

The PerfecDraw has already saved several cigars from the trash bin. Even a cigar that you think has a good draw can make better. The PerficRepair is a great compliment as well. Would recommend this products to all cigar smokers. SMOKE ON!

Good solution but costly

Written by Allen Sirken on May 29th 2018

Extremely pleased with product. Rather expensive given the VERY small quantity per bottle.

Good glue

Written by Bear on May 14th 2018

Works as advertised however I find the dry time a bit long or I could just be impatient! It’s saved at least 3 cigars so far so it’s cost to value cannot be overstated.


Written by Tad on May 11th 2018

After making a V-cut on a box pressed cigar, part of the wrapper cracked. It was a eighth inch split. I dabbed a small amount, and continued smoking without further problems. Great product!

Works great!

Written by undefined on Apr 3rd 2018

Works wonderfully, I repaired a wrapper crack in one of my friends Alec Bradley so he could enjoy his premium cigar like nothing happened! Thank you ! Julien

Works as advertised, best product I have found.

Written by Bruced on Mar 21st 2018

PerfecRepair - Glue is just a great product, something that works as advertised, is easy to use to do a repair when nessessary. Order the PerfecGlue & PerfecDraw Tool, best money spent on my hobby Cigar recently. Two great products.

Finally a fix that works

Written by KId krats on Mar 8th 2018

I thought the price was too high but I did order this cigar "Super Glue" when I bought my Perfect Draw device. Only used it once to repair a damaged wrapper and it worked as advertised ( takes more than 90-seconds to dry ) . The cigar became smokeable again and I suspect I'll get more use out of it in the future.

Cigar repair

Written by Martin Budner on Jan 21st 2018

Follow directions and you will be able to repair any leaf tear or unraveling. Great product.

The Best

Written by undefined on Dec 26th 2017

Stogie saver!

I Don't Always Repair....

Written by Marcel on Nov 14th 2017

When purchasing a box, you may encounter the loose leaf. This product is great for that.

Cigar saver!

Written by Jeff Mohney on Oct 30th 2017

I purchased this along with the Perfec draw and what an astounding product. Both are not hype and work just like advertised.

Works flawlessly.

Written by undefined on Oct 4th 2017

Fixes wrappers I didn't even know were lifted until I really looked. Fixed holes and cracks quickly and easily with no waiting. Absolutely a must-have!

Perfec repair glue

Written by Leonard on Sep 29th 2017

You sure picked the right name Perfec repair, because that’s exactly what it does so effectively, and so easy to use. It’s a must have for every Cigar smoker, sooner or later your definitely going to need it,highly recommended !!!

Don't often need this but when I do....

Written by BarryNY on Aug 30th 2017

Nothing worse than a problem wrapper. Tried the perfecrepair on an 8 year old Monte 2 that was slightly unraveling. Normally this would be a huge issue but the perfecrepair was a quick and easy fix to keep the wrapper in place. "A little dab will do ya"....

It Works.

Written by David on Aug 19th 2017

What more can I say... It Works.

Save those cigars now!

Written by Brian Jones on Aug 14th 2017

I didn't order this perfec repair with the perfec draw tool, BAD MISTAKE! save yourself the frustration now with those cigars unraveling or having holes...repairs everything without a problem...jar will last a long time and quality of product is awesome(just like the perfect draw tool). Get these two products now

Already saved an Alec Bradley

Written by Larry on Jul 15th 2017

Works as advertised. Saved an unraveling Alec Bradley and patched a hole in a Montecristo. It's tasteless. Bought it with the Perfecdraw.

Best I've Used

Written by Lamar McClain on Jul 14th 2017

I have tried everything and this is clearly the best I've used. Seals frayed wrappers quickly and does not affect the smoke. Great stuff!

Pretty good

Written by dd on Jul 5th 2017

It doesn't fix everything. But it does give you a peace of mind that it will hold whatever is cracked or split in place. i like it so i bought 5 total. i actually enjoy trying to fix damaged cigars.

Works quickly and efficiently

Written by on Jun 24th 2017

I've used this on two cigars that developed small air leaks in the past two weeks and had both burn perfectly as a result. A friend's cigar developed a significant split on a very humid night and his smoke production instantly normalized and he was able to smoke the second half quite easily rather than starting a second cigar. Hat tip to Phil Kohn from for particularly recommending these products.

It Works

Written by Jerry L Cooley on Jun 13th 2017

I successfully repaired a loose wrapper. There was no affect on the smoke.

Had to use it first day I got it, saved the day

Written by undefined on May 30th 2017

had a cigar that cracked halfway through smoking, patched it up and was able to keep puffing away, nice tool to have.

Cigar Repair Extraordinaire

Written by Jim on May 19th 2017

This glue really does the trick, almost makes you want to look for things to patch!

Color me surprised

Written by Mike Swanson on May 13th 2017

I didn’t think I’d really use the Perfec Repair cigar glue much. I just got it when I ordered the Perfec Draw because the glue is cheap. I figured, what the heck? But I’m here to tell ya that I keep finding reasons to use the stuff. Before having the glue I just suffered through the problems of cracks and lifting wrappers without giving much thought to it. But now a little dab of this magic glue, and the cigar totally fixed. Highly recommended.

Review for PerecRepair Glue

Written by Michael James Flores on May 10th 2017

I recently purchased PerfecRepair glue, and I'm very happy with the results it has given me. I have used it on unraveling wrappers, and cracks on wrappers, it works every rime. I will purchase PerfecRepair glue again. Thank You, Michael Flores


Written by Troy Heath on May 6th 2017

turns seconds and overrun cigars that usually crack into actual smokable sticks

stuff works like magic!

Written by GA Massey on Apr 24th 2017

What do they put in this stuff...magic fairy dust or something? Kidding aside, i'm impressed that they use all natural ingredients like they say on the website. And even more impressive is how this stuff works. This has already saved me two cigars, and saved me some headaches with other cigars. Just get it!

Great product. Works as advertised

Written by Matthew on Apr 22nd 2017

So what is this stuff? I suspect it's a little bit of well prepared gelatin in a bottle with a brush built into the cap. You could make your own gelatin but then you'd have to keep it liquid and find a little brush to use with it. This much more convenient... Ever lit a cigar only to find the wrapper cracks immediately at the foot? As you smoke the crack keeps expanding until the whole wrapper comes off. Same sort of thing happens if you crack the cap while punching or cutting the cigar. Cap unravels, whole wrapper eventually comes apart. No more! Dab a little of this on the crack (head or foot) when it first appears and the crack stops there! No more unraveling. Same thing for a wrapper that begins to unravel itself. Paint a dab of this under it and press the wrapper back, end of problem. It's a small bottle, but probably enough to fix 25 or more cigars. Very easy.

The best cigar repair product

Written by undefined on Apr 20th 2017

I have used this on multiple sticks and it has paid for itself already. Don't waste time with other products, this one fixes almost any cracked or unraveling cigar!

Pretty amazing concoction

Written by Nick on Apr 18th 2017

this perfecrepair concoction really works. i've tried some other bottle of repair glue that didn't work at all. but this stuff works

i'm a believer

Written by harvey dowd on Apr 10th 2017

Rcd the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair two weeks ago and have used the Perfecdraw probably more than 10-12 times. Great tool. But today I used the PerfecRepair for the first time. When I cut the cap, the wrapper unraveled 1/3 of the way down the cigar. Amazing how the PerfecRepair worked, and I smoked that stick right away. I’m a believer!

It works great!

Written by Mike chavez on Apr 5th 2017

I love the Perfecrepair! I have used it three times since I got it a couple weeks ago and it does the job perfectly. No taste which was one thing I was worried about. I love the size because it's convenient to carry in my travel kit but I wish it came in a bigger bottle too. It would be cool to have a big bottle of the stuff to keep at home in my cigar kit.

All I hear is “I told ya so!”

Written by Jimmy – Rockwall, TX on Apr 1st 2017

All of my cigar buddies have been talking about the Perfec Draw and Perfec Repair. At first I thought yeah, yeah, yeah. Right. I thought I was very cool using my paper clip or meat skewer to open the draw. But I finally broke down and got both of them. I’ve had them now for three weeks, and oh man! Can’t believe what I’ve been missing. Such a no brainer. What can I say. I was wrong. Now I’m hearing the “I told ya so’s”.

really good stuff

Written by Joe MacDonnell on Mar 30th 2017

i’ve never found any cigar glue that worked worth a darn. this glue works like crazy. i always keep in my cigar tool kit……just in case. highly recommended.

it works!

Written by Phil Rutherford - Dallas on Mar 25th 2017

I've smoked cigars for decades. I’m a hard sell regarding cigar accessories. Most of them are worthless. Been burned too many times. But I did buy the perfect repair, and am duly impressed. I’ve never seen anything like it. Works!

Worked great when I needed it the most

Written by Lenny DePietro on Mar 22nd 2017

I just left a review for the perfec draw too. I don’t use this perfec repair stuff on almost every cigar like I do with the perfec draw, but I’ve used it several times when I really needed it. Why is it that my cigar wrappers only start to unravel at the most inconvenient time – like when I’m out with my buddies and I don’t have a spare cigar. Same thing with a crack or hole in my cigar. Good thing that this perfec repair is small enough to carry in my cigar tool kit. It’s saved my a** a few times. Stuff really works great. I love that I can use it and I don’t have to wait to smoke the cigar.

Very Effective

Written by J. Carrasco - So. Cal. on Mar 11th 2017

perfect repair does exactly what they say it does on the websiste and videos. very happy i bought this. i highly recommend it.

Works better than hoped for!

Written by Jimmie in Philly on Mar 10th 2017

I bought this at the same time I bought the PerfecDraw. I figured, it's only seven bucks, and with the PerfecDraw, the shipping is free. What the heck! Wow, was I surprised. I've had it for three weeks now and already repaired two sticks. With as little as I used so far, this stuff should repair 50-100 cigars. Pretty cool. A big shout out "thanks" to the guy who invented this stuff.

Really Thought This Was a Gimic, Boy Was I Wrong!

Written by Pete Bellanger Sr on Mar 4th 2017

Looking at the small bottle of cloudy vicious fluid I didn't have great feeling. Really thought I had thrown away $7 bucks. I decided to try it that very day and to go big. First use was going to be memorable one way or another. I had a 1950s era Cohiba Cuban in my humidor since it was given to me in 1996 at a hunting camp in Oregon. Over the years it has become a bit ratty. Nothing major but enough so that it was now a showoff stick not a smoker. The Cohiba was going to be the test subject. There were three small holes and one small split. Treated them as directed in the YouTube vid. Made a cup of coffee, got Dutch, my chocolate Lab and headed to the sunshine on my front porch. Oh My Goodness!!! I really hope we start seeing Cuban cigars in the US again. The only way I can say that is because those little dabs of PerfecRepair did exactly what is was supposed to. Repaired that Cohiba Perfectly. Without PerfecRepair that Cohiba would have stayed a "show" stick in my box. Great product that greatly paid for itself on the very first use.

This Stuff Rocks

Written by Johnny M on Feb 28th 2017

Pretty amazing product. Cant believe how fast it works and how strong the repair is. I was concerned that it might mess up the way the cigar smokes or have some sort of taste. But it only takes a tiny dab and it doesn't change the burn of the cigar and no taste at all.

Cigar Repair

Written by Aaron Taubman on Feb 28th 2017

Great stuff. I have my own formula but this works faster and better. I would have given it 5 stars but there is very little in the bottle for what you pay. It would be nice if they had larger bottles at a great price. [REPLY FROM PERFEC CIGAR SOLUTIONS: The reason we have made the bottle so small is to make it fit comfortably in a pocket or cigar tool kit. We have tested the volume and found that even though the volume appears small, it will provide 80 average cigar repairs. Yours is the first comment of this sort we have received. If we receive more similar comments, we will indeed consider adding a larger "home" size. Thank you for your opinion, it is greatly appreciated.]

“Perfec” for my cigar shop

Written by Trevor Cotton on Feb 23rd 2017

One of my customers told me about the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair at my cigar shop. I bought a couple of each to see how they work for my customers that smoke cigars in my lounge area. I’ve never seen any cigar poker or cigar repair glue that are even close to being as effective and useful as these two. Specifically regarding the PerfecRepair, I have customers coming up to me frequently with an air leak hole in their cigar, or more frequently, detaching and unraveling wrappers on their cigars. Especially when they cut too much off with their cigar cutter. PerfecRepair has fixed every situation perfectly. My thanks to the guy that invented these things. Best cigar products ever. Will you ever consider having cigar shops sell these?

Not skeptical anymore

Written by Tony Faraday on Feb 22nd 2017

I was skeptical at first. Is this stuff safe to use? Will it really work? So I read up on it after I received it. The formula is made up of cellulose and the same glue that cigar rollers use to put the cigar leaf wrapper and cap on in the first place. The glue has zero taste – which is probably why they use it when they make cigars. And the cellulose fibers are exactly the same cellulose that tobacco leaves are made of. In fact, I read that tobacco plants are grown as a source to produce pure cellulose from. So when we smoke cigars, we’re already smoking cellulose. Who knew? And as far as how well this product works – I’m absolutely amazed. I never thought I’d use it as much as I do. I always keep it in my cigar tool kit. Two thumbs up from me.

Very glad I bought this

Written by Larry H. on Feb 21st 2017

I only gave it 4 stars because I don't use it all the time. But given the low cost and how well it works when I do use it, maybe I should have given it 5 stars. I would recommend this for any stogie lover.

Very handy to have

Written by Freddy Quiambo on Feb 20th 2017

I've had the perfecrepair now for about 5 weeks or so. I've had occasion to use it only twice, but both times it saved me a lot of grief. Well worth the money, and I always take it with me when go out to have a cigar with friends.

cigar saver

Written by Thomas Reynolds on Feb 12th 2017

Just got mine a week ago. Already saved a cigar. Impressive stuff.

Suff Rocks!

Written by undefined on Feb 9th 2017

This stuff is really great to have around. Small size, very cheap and really comes in handy.

DIdnt realize i'd use it this much

Written by Jess Spencer on Feb 7th 2017

Never thought i'd use it as often as I do. Mostly for little repairs, but so far two major repairs too. I was worried there might be some sort of taste or something from the product. But when you fix whatever the problem is, you can't really even tell. Love this product.

Super Bowl party big shot

Written by Eddy C on Feb 5th 2017

Super Bowl party at my place today. 6 of us started early with cigars in the backyard. Every single guy used my perfecdraw and 2 had to use my perfecrepair. All were flipped out how great these things work. All said they’ll order both. I was shocked that none of them ever heard of these before. Made me feel like a big shot. lol


Written by J Wirth on Feb 4th 2017

works exactly like they say. Very handy to have.

wish i found this a long time ago

Written by giles e on Feb 3rd 2017

i've smoked cigars for the last 35 years or so. if i'd had perfecrepair all that time i could have saved tons of cigars that i either threw away or struggled to smoke. no more. now i can fix any problem.

Every cigar smoker should have this

Written by Steve McKay on Feb 2nd 2017

I've tried that El Ligidor stuff with little to no luck. This perfecrepair stuff is totally different. actually works.


Written by Richard Carlson - Houston TX on Jan 29th 2017

Will leave same review for both perfecdraw and perfecrepair. Friend gave me 5 cuban Montecristo #2s for xmas. I smoked 3rd one yesterday.The draw on all three has started out super tight, but the perfecdraw has fixed the draw to perfection on each one and on several other cigars. Yesterday after using perfecdraw and fixing the draw, I still felt like I was not getting a lot of smoke. Lots of air coming through without much smoke. Couldn’t find any cracks or holes. So I did what the guy on the video said and I looked carefully and saw that one small edge of the wrapper wasn’t quite sealed. I put some of the perfecrepair over the edge of the wrapper right there. That made all the difference. I can’t believe just that little area made so much difference. The guy on the video was right. It was just like he said. I would highly recommend both perfecrepair and perfecdraw to any cigar smoker. I’ve already told all of my friends, and some of them have even used mine already.


Written by Matt Donaldson on Jan 27th 2017

I can't believe I found this PerfecRepair. I just got mine today, and I fixed seven of my older cigars in my humi. Stuff realllly works!


Written by Luke Simon on Jan 27th 2017

Just received 3 days ago. Already saved a treasured stogie with it. And it did a "Perfec" job! LOL!! Get you some!

Jimmy says good stuff

Written by J.N. Dodd on Jan 24th 2017

can't believe how well this stuff works.


Written by Jonathan Nguyen on Jan 23rd 2017

got this 2 weeks go. used it twice so far. saved two cigars. must have for any stogie lover.

I finally get my own

Written by Ronny aka The Cigar Mav on Jan 22nd 2017

Just ordered the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair tonight but I’m already to leave a review. One of my cigar buddies got them for Christmas. The rest of our group have been using them. Tonight I fixed my cigar with a crack on the side with his PerfecRepair. The stuff is awesome. The PerfecDraw is too. So I finally decided that I needed to buy both too. I’m excited to get mine. Every cigar lover needs both of these things.

This one actually works

Written by Rancy Markovich on Jan 20th 2017

Excellent product. Works exactly like the video. Very worth it.

Stuff works

Written by Todd Drewer on Jan 17th 2017

My wife bought me the PerfecDraw and PerfecRepair for Christmas. I've used the PerfecDraw already probably ten times and it's crazy good! But today I used the PerfecRepair for the first time. I had an expensive cigar in my humidor for the past couple years and dug it out today and saw that the cigar was banged up. So I figured I'd smoke it before it got worse. When I clipped it the wrapper started coming off. I used the PerfecRepair and it worked instantly and the cigar smoked great. Love the stuff. It was worth the ten bucks just for this one cigar.


Written by Marco Fernandez on Jan 17th 2017

I wanted to buy the PerfecDraw and I saw the PerfecRepair. So I figured what the heck, and I ordered it too. I've already used it twice. Once was when my wrapper started to unwind off the cigar. The PerfecRepair fixed it like nothing ever happened and I was able to smoke the cigar right on the spot. And the other time was a crack on the side. It plugged up the air leak and I was able to smoke the cigar without waiting. Every cigar lover should have this.

Every cigar smoker should have the PerfecRepair.

Written by Bernie Callahan on Dec 16th 2016

I’ve talked to Dr. Kurthy (the inventor of PerfecRepair) about what he now calls PerfecRepair for more than a year, so I was very excited when he asked me if I’d like to test it. It was a while after receiving the PerfecRepair before I had a cigar that needed repair. I was with a group of friends smoking cigars, and nobody even had an extra cigar. So I was VERY relieved that the PerfecRepair worked so well to glue down the unraveling wrapper. It was pretty bad. I followed the instructions and I was amazed by how strongly it glued the wrapper down. There’s another cigar glue out there that I’ve tried, but it isn’t very sticky and doesn’t work much. And it won’t seal cracks or holes. I waited about 90 seconds after fixing the cigar before smoking it like the instructions said. And it was absolutely perfect. It was as if I’d never had a problem in the first place. There is no taste whatsoever from the PerfecRepair, and the cigar smoked as well as any cigar I’ve ever had. And I’ve now also used it twice since then to seal a major air leak and a small air leak on the sides of my cigars. And it worked immediately both times. Every cigar smoker should have the PerfecRepair.

PerfecRepair has been "Perfec"!

Written by Howie Horrocks on Dec 16th 2016

I was invited to participate in the PerfecRepair field test. The inventor is a longtime friend of mine. My two loves are golf and cigars. And I usually enjoy them together. Maybe I’m clumsy, but my cigars sometimes are damaged in my golf bag. The PerfecRepair has been absolutely “Perfec” (pun intended) and a lifesaver out on the course. I keep the little bottle of PerfecRepair in my cigar kit at all times – and you should too!

You have got to have this!

Written by Jorge on Dec 16th 2016

I got to try the new PerfecRepair a couple months before it went on sale. With the PerfecDraw and the PerfecRepair, I can’t believe how picky I’ve gotten with my cigars. I no longer settle for anything less than perfection, because I can now fix any anything. I had a cigar with an air leak, and I found a crack in the side of the cigar. I dabbed it onto the crack. I was able to smoke my cigar immediately without any air leaking through the side at all. And it was totally dry about 4-5 minutes later. You have got to have this when you smoke your sticks!

I can't imagine being without it.

Written by Tim Ashbaugh on Dec 16th 2016

I was lucky enough to participate in the PerfecRepair beta testing before they launched the product. I certainly don’t use it as often as I use the PerfecDraw, but when I do need it, it really is a life-saver. It’s really amazing how fast it works. You can smoke your cigar immediately after using it. There’s no taste whatsoever. It’s such a small and compact bottle that it easily fits in my cigar tool kit. I can’t imagine being without the PerfecDraw or PerfecRepair. A MUST-HAVE for any cigar lover.

A cigar saver!

Written by Jim on Dec 16th 2016

I was given a bottle of PerfecRepair before they started selling it so that I could give my feedback to the company. I smoke cigars twice a month with a bunch of my friends. Rarely is there a time when one of us doesn’t have an issue with our cigar, such as an unraveling wrapper, lifting wrapper or a crack in the wrapper. Now that I have the PerfecRepair, we can fix any problem. My group of friends and I have used the PerfecRepair several times now, and we all love it.